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I moved to a new apartment and have only 3 mounted posters with which to decorate my walls. One poster of Breakfast at Tiffany's (which might be more suitable in the bedroom) and the other two are in the art nouveau style (A small "Chat Noir" and a larger one of Alphonse Mucha's "Bières de la Meuse").

I was thinking of getting more vintage posters, but a friend of mine said "no, don't do that. You don't want to overdo it", which took me a bit by surprise. Does she have a point or does she simply not get my retro style? And do you have suggestions?

Walls are a light cream color and sofa has some nice groovy stripes in warm tones. Furniture is mostly in light or medium wood color and I have two red pouffes. Floor is a peachy colored ceramic.
I agree with your friend, but I'm not a big fan of posters anymore. What's your style? Retro French? what other elements/layers do you have in the room?

I think there are other ways to play that up other than more posters.

What are your posters mounted on?
I love vintage wall posters.

I have a couple that are mounted on a flat board type frame, others are in actual frames, some are done on a thick plaque so it's one piece.

If you buy the posters from a print store, they can frame them for you. Otherwise I always find interesting things at Home Goods or Bed Bath & Beyond.

I've even found some cool vintage wall hangings at Target.
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Only the smaller poster has a simple black frame, the others are mounted on a canvases. I might resort to, since they also opperate in my country (finding them in my city is a bit trickier).

In my living room I have a blue and white hammock. It is also my computer room and TV room, and there's no dinning table, just a little space dedicated to my cd's and stereo. I'm going for something laid back and still youthful, despite my love of retro. I'm in my twenties, so I am not interesed in making my house look formal and stuffy.

I am one of those indie-artsy-film buff types. Other than Belle Epoque motifs, I also like the 60's very much, but that doesn't mean my house has to look like a time capsule, lol.
I have very different tastes for my house. Nothing is really a specific design 'type'. I like what I like.

I like dark neutral colors bc they make me feel cozy, and I like interesting, artistic looking things for my walls. I don't like abstract, or geometric patterns, or anything 'modern'. I love a lot of styles I see, but they don't flow in my house.

Everything is very eclectic. The colors all flow, but there isn't a specific style genre, although there is some sort of style.

My house, although very clean and nice, would probably not be featured in a design magazine
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I'm w/ iroc.
I have what I want, as well.
I also have a lot of antiques.
My kitchen table is actually an antique dining room table
Oh, yeah, and I have Nagels in my master bedroom
I don't have a country design style, but I have a farmhouse kitchen table. My chairs are a little too modern. Black wood with upholstered seats. Not so good for messy children.

I want to go to yard sales, get some mismatched wooden chairs for my kitchen. I like used wooden furniture. My tv is on a large dresser/hutch that is stained kind of an antique yellow.
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The kitchen chairs are called rabbit ear chairs that came out of a church
We are currently using GPs Louis the XV something-or-other armoire for our entertainment center....our 52 incher? fits perfectly in there sucker is huuuge!
the armoire

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I know what I like, I guess I'm just not very experienced when it comes to decorating and worry that maybe I should keep things a bit more eclectic, mix it up a bit.

I might follow my brother-in-law's advice and buy each piece at a time, rather than buy everything at once on an impulse.
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I would def rec buying a bit at a time...that's what I've done over the years
I agree. I don't buy 'sets' of anything. And everything I have, I interchange throughout my house. I may move a table, or shelf, or dresser, into different rooms of the house. Same with things on the walls.

All of my house is kind of the same style/color scheme, so it works. Except the girls room, which is more colorful, so that stuff stays in there.

If I bought things in sets, I'd end up having sets of things I'd grown tired of, or decided against. But your styles change as you grow.

You could google some room designs. Not to copy from, but to get a feeling of ideas from.
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I just made a few wall pieces. I love quotes so I made some quote pieces on large canvases. And input up a "gallery wall" in my living room in all black and white photos of family.
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