Has anyone made onion rings?

I thought I'd post in here cause this form would get more traffic.

Does anyone put there have a really tasty recipe for onion rings?? I've looked online and there are so many to choose from. I'd hate to pick one and it tastes like poo.

I have, they were nothing fancy or gourmet but the people I gave them to enjoyed them!

I sliced the onions into rings and added ingredients that I like to a pre-made bread crumb seasoning. I dipped the rings in eggs, then in the seasoning and cooked them in vegetable oil.

They were good!
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I have no recipe. I just slice, soak in buttermilk, and dredge in a mix of flour and semolina or cornmeal. But sometimes I do battered ones, too.
I'm not Saria, but I make mine like she does. Here are a few recipes I found:

buttermilk cornmeal here

beer battered here

spicy here
I'm not Saria, but I make mine like she does. Here are a few recipes I found:

buttermilk cornmeal here

beer battered here

spicy here
Originally Posted by misspam
Yum! Now I'm tempted to make onion rings!
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Awesome recipes!! Another cooking question though. I can't afford to get buttermilk, and don't know if they sell it here (then again never looked for it). We have 4% milk though, could I use that in place if buttermilk?

Buttermilk is pretty easy to find, but you could mix plain yogurt and milk for a similar tang. Otherwise plain milk will do, though it doesn't have the same flavor.
I made some onion rings once with pancake batter and they turned out really well! It is a heavier onion ring then what you might find at most restaurants, but I really liked the taste of them.
Was going to make them tonight but the effing mother in law decided to make dinner for us instead. Getting pretty pissed off with her and so is the fiancee. At least I'll be able to look at more recipes.

^^^ Wow um ok... (ETA: That comment was for the spam not the post above. The spam was removed already.)

I know this was spammed up, but... I buy the Chuck Wagon onion ring mix and love it! It makes onion rings like they sell at festivals not the bready kind. I also use it to make fried veggies.

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