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Im thinkin hope or elisabetta.

Did anyone actually catch the nancy grace boobie moment last night that was all over the news today? I didnt notice it at all!
Im thinkin hope or elisabetta.

Did anyone actually catch the nancy grace boobie moment last night that was all over the news today? I didnt notice it at all!
Originally Posted by curlykristx

You can see it over at dlisted.com if you want. It's not really worth looking for.
Oh no I wasnt wanting to see it lol I was just shocked I missed it, just curious if anyone else caught it as it happened.
I know Tom said something like that is for the European show. And I saw her adjusting.

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I noticed the shot to the audience not clapping at all and was confused...I thought they were Nancy Grace protestors or something...like when Elia Kazan won the Lifetime Achievement Oscar and they showed stars not clapping or showing any emotion at all...haha.

But they later said that was a default clip and not the live audience.
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Did anyone ever watch Brooke Burke on Wild On?
Good times......
Well crap davids not safe...im thinking hope or elisabetta is goin home tonight.
I think Maks has too many fans for him to go home so early.

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All right, Rob Kardashian just made me cry. Yes, I just admitted that. The whole "father dying while teenager/Frank Sinatra connection." Darned you, Rob Kardashian!!!
Awwwe, the little Arquette girl is adorable!

So, David has a new girlfriend and he and Courtney are really breaking-up, but they're still best friends and she's there every week??? I hope they get back together.

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Me too they just seem to still have feelings, doesnt she look way different from her days on friends? Almost like she had work done.
I never would have guessed when this season started the Ricki might be the one to beat, but I think her dance last night deserved even higher scores than she got. To me it's between Ricki and JR and Chynna with Kristen not far behind.

There is something goofy about David. Can't believe Courtney was ever attracted to him.
I thought Hope was going to go last night, but maybe Maks has enough of a following that she was saved.
I think what happened to Kristin was more a case of not having a following. When Audrina was on, I thought she was great, but she went fairly early too for what I thought was that reason.

I think David Arquette can go any time, and Chaz. Nothing to do with them as people, just that neither can dance.

I thought Carson did a great job this week!
Probably a coincidence, but Kristin also had the least touching story Monday night. I was crying over everything but hers!!

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Saw Ricki on Ellen. She looks amazing!
Kinda reminds me of Demi in the face.

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