Missing baby Lisa

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They are now saying that the cell phones were off and where they were b/c they couldn't afford to pay the bill and were turned off as a result...
Also, the father was the only one working. He was actually working a second job. She didn't even drive b/c of no driver's license...
I heard on the news tonight the police stated they are following 65 leads some out of state. So they dont think it was the parents anymore?
If it were only that simple. They try to follow any credible leads whether they suspect the parents or not.
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I hope it wasn't the Mom, I really want to believe her!
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Cadaver Dog

Apparently the cadaver dogs found a positive "hit" near the parents' bed.
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Missing Baby Lisa: Cadaver Dogs Detect Smell of 'Deceased Human' in Irwin House - ABC News

Apparently, two different people saw a man carrying a baby in a diaper that morning at 4AM. My guess is they saw somebody disposing of the body. I wonder if her brother or neighbor fits the description. She said she was wearing purple shorts and a disney shirt...it sounds like they were found during the search.
I think that I deceive genius.

is it commonplace to get such a high power attorney when you're completely innocent? i think not...
Originally Posted by luvmylocs
Innocent people get put in jail all the time. I think it's smart seeing how the media is making them a focus.
Originally Posted by afrosheenqueen
yeah not questioning her decision to get an attorney but if innocent do you need a super high powered attorney like the one that worked with van der sloot? honestly it's a little surprising they can afford such an attorney, maybe he's doing pro bono work. the mom could be innocent but her leaving out important facts like being drunk and the last time you saw your baby then getting a big name attorney just seems very suspicious!
Originally Posted by luvmylocs
Lawyers aren't just for the guilty. Even if innocent, a lawyer protects your rights, makes sure proper procedures are followed, stops you from saying stupid things that can be misinterpreted, explains to you what is going on. And a big-name attorney may have fallen in their lap because of the publicity of the case.
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I don't know what's going on in this thread. I am posting because just now, after seeing "Missing baby Lisa" dozens of times, my brain somehow turned "baby Lisa" into "Labia." "Missing Labia." I know it's because I've been reading a thread on a different forum about the surgical shortening of labia minora. But still, wtf.
Join Date: Jun 2001
Posts: 41,035
Anyone still following this?
What do ya'll think happened to baby Lisa?
Anyone still following this?
What do ya'll think happened to baby Lisa?
Originally Posted by WileESteelNervs
i forgot until i saw the thread come back....

at this point, it doesn't look good at all for her being found safe and sound. poor sweet baby!
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No updates on Baby Lisa that I know of but I thought this story was strinkingly similar. The same state, Mother overslept to find baby gone, dark-hooded figure seen walking with a baby in early morning hours...

Missing Toddler Found Dead
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