Are there certain colors you won't wear (and would you be annoyed at this?)

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I have olive undertones in my skin so yellows usually make me look sickly. I also stay away from beige or light pinks as they look too nude on me. But I do wear other shades of browns & pinks. Everything else, if I like it - I wear it!

And I think the color of that jacket looks good on you.
I would be annoyed at that.

I generally only wear certain colors(black, gray, yellow, blue, green, pink, brown) but I'm trying to expand out more so to red, purple, etc. I've always purposely avoided white for some reason but try to wear more of it now. I think black and yellow look best on me. Yellow is my favorite.
I've never fully understood the autumn, winter season thing when it comes to what colors you should wear, because those charts often weren't developed with people of color in mind. We tend to vary a lot more in terms of skin and hair coloring and charts like that often don't account for such a wide variance. With that said, I tend to stay away from yellow. I've never cared for the color and some shades of it tend to make me look sickly. I generally gravitate toward neutral colors like browns and beiges, because they tend to look best with my coloring, but I'll wear just about any color other than yellow. I LOVE purple and have a whole number of purple and lavender tops and bottoms. Although I don't have the personality to pull off vivid, bright colors like red, I still have a couple of things in that color.
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I wear all colors, there are just certain shades that I stay away from, deep greens and royal blues mostly. The royal blue brings out the orange tone in my skin and it doesn't flow well. The same goes for deep green, it pulls out a reddish-blue tone. I also don't like shades of brown that blend into my skin tone, it looks like I'm topless lol. I love wearing warm purple, pink, shades of goldenrod and other yellows,tans/browns, olive greens, blue that's not deep as royal, teal, black and gray. I don't wear much white mostly because everytime I wear that nuetral, I try hard not to stain it but I always succeed in spilling, dropping or plopping food or drink on it. and seeing a white blouse with a stain, no matter how big or small, bothers me to no end.
Yellow, I don't wear a lot of yellow, it washes me out. Orange doesn't look
That great on me either, so maybe it's those bright summer colors? I do tend to look better in darker, Earthy tones.
I think fall colors are great. Reds, yellows, oranges. Love them! I have a bright mustard yellow calorimetry my mother knit for me. It gets quite a few compliments in large part because of the bold colors.

I'm with Dedachan --- I wear whatever color I find appealing. There's usually at least one shade that I like, even of something like beige, which I generally loathe.
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i am multi-toned, ranging from a light caramel to deep caramel, depending on the part of my body.

i think my undertones are muted colors, particularly green.

as a result, very bright and dark colors (sans brown, black, charcoal gray) don't look the best against my skin, such as pink fuchsia, lime green, forest green, orange, blue-reds, cyan, etc.

however, heathered colors like salmon, celery, cornflower blue (my favorite color), rust, ivory, gold (not yellow), look good on me. oddly, lavender doesn't look good on me, but a couple of shades deeper (not purple) does look good on me.
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I stay away from white, light gray, pastel blue and pink, and bright/jewel tones, especially hot pink. I have light skin with slight yellow undertones, and I look really awful/washed out in those colors. (That makes shopping difficult--clothing manufacturers seem to think that everyone loves white and bright colors.) I like to wear browns, eggplant, brick red and similar "muddy" colors.

I think it's ok to gently tell a friend that a particular color or shade is not the most flattering on her, but it sounds as if the comments at issue in the op were less than tactful.
I don't wear pastels. In general, I don't care for them. The one color that looks amazing with my skin is coral. I think I own one coral colored shirt and whenever I wear it, I get complimets all day on what a great color it is for me.

Blame it on the cell phone...
I consider myself to be neutral toned and I think I can wear any color. I mostly wear jewel-tones, and black. I don't care much for pastels, or browns. They just don't look special on me.

I wear yellows and oranges, as long as they are strong-toned, not pastel. My new favorite color this season is burnt umber:

My very favorite color to wear is green, on the yellow side of the green spectrum, rather than the blue side. Sorta like olive green, but more yellow-ish. That yellow-ish green matches my eyes and I get complements all day long.

I don't wear red. Or yellow. Orange either, but not as strictly as the first two.

My best looking colors are black, dark pink (fuchsia), and turquoise.

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