Has anyone successfully re-worn a bridesmaid's dress?

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Unfortunately, the only time I've been a bridesmaid included the dress that I will never wear again. Gorgeous color, but it is of the traditional, long, strapless variety. Pretty much this: http://img.davidsbridal.com/s7viewer...rize2%3d99062A
Originally Posted by M2LR
But not gray, a deep burgundy red.
I think if you shortened that dress a tad, you could get a lot of use out of it!

All of my bridesmaids have gotten use out of their dress because I had them all just wear a little black dress of their own choosing.

I have been a bridesmaid a few times before and have donated alll the dresses. One was a brown satin tea length nicole miller I would have worn again except I had just had a baby so I lost a lot of weight after wearing that one.

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I haven't been to a military ball yet, but that would probably be the only opportunity for me to rewear one.

I also wanted to say that it's a gorgeous dress! I would love to see a pic of it on you.

That is really pretty. My prom dress was a bridesmaid dress - I made a minor adjustment from a full skirt to a bustle ( this was a taffeta dress and it was the 80's)

I think bridesmaid dresses are much more versatile & wearable now.

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Originally Posted by Spider
OH my gosh change this dress to dark green...that was my sister's bridesmaid dress in 1990.

Gorgeous dress. Either wear it again to a very formal event or shorten it...be able to wear it to lots of places...even New Year's Eve Party.
It's a gorgeous dress. I second whoever said you could wear it to dinner on a cruise. That's the last place I wore a full-length formal dress.
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I wore one bm dress to two weddings. The second bride wasn't too particular about our dresses as long as they were the same color (red) and didn't clash.
That's a very pretty bridesmaid dress. I agree with others - unless you have a few formal events coming up, I would have it shortened to cocktail length.

I haven't been a bridesmaid since the 80's. Ugh. It was a hideous dress. Shiny taffeta the color of Pepto Bismol...
I'm in my friends wedding in Feb of next year. I'm a grooms-woman, on his side, but the bride said that I could choose any dress I wanted as long as it went well with her coloring for the wedding. Her and I decided I would do a black dress (since I'm on the grooms side), with a sangria colored fabric belt, which is the color of her bridesmaids dresses.
I chose this dress, which I'll wear with opaque black tights and black shoes. I'll be able to wear it again, its so cute! Its not *this* short on me, I must have short legs!
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Love that dress, LC!

The dress I was able to wear again was very similar to that one. It was originally floor length, but I took it to a seamstress and had it altered to just above the knee. The beauty was that the shoes matched perfectly, and this time, I could actually see them!

I have to add that the op's friend is one brave bride! There is no way in hell my bridesmaids would have been wearing dresses that revealing!
I think I will get it shortened afterward because it will definitely be more versatile that way.

I'm glad that the dress doesn't scream "bridesmaid' so I will be able to easily alter it and wear it again.
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I think it's gorgeous. And I have THREE long ballgowns that I wear to galas, awards ceremonies
(my industry has an annual one, and sometimes I'm even nominated for something) or fancy weddings.

And I should confess... one of my gowns is my senior prom dress from 1981. It's black, classic and still fits.
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I have to add that the op's friend is one brave bride! There is no way in hell my bridesmaids would have been wearing dresses that revealing!
Originally Posted by Verity
It would solely depend on the girls I was puttin in it :P
at my best friends wedding we wore akin tight, above the knee sweetheart neckline navy blue dresses. I'll have to post a pic... But my friend said "well! I have sexy friends so they will wear sexy dresses!" thaaaanks, but I was at the gym for weeks tryin to not look like a whale in the wedding pics. And I'm 5'2 and 120lbs!

That original dress is gorgeous and I agree, I'd modify it to cocktail length
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