Lung cancer awareness month

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November is lung cancer awareness month. I bet most people had no clue. I kinda resented October knowing that breast cancer awareness gets so much attention and so much funding and lung cancer doesn't even get looked at. The ironic part is that lunch cancer is the #1 cancer killer in America but the least funded.
I think that the reason that people don't fund it is because they think it's a "smokers disease" and that anyone who has lung cancer brought it on themselves. But that isn't always the case. And even if thy did smoke, I wouldn't wish lung cancer on my worst enemy. It is an ugly disease!
In Decemeber 2010 we found out that my dad had stage 4 lung cancer. We were shocked because he seemed fine, he didn't a look sick and weight 280 lbs. on August 24th he died. It was slow and grueling and heartbreaking. I hate when I tell people how my dad died and they ask "did he smoke?" because I know that they think it's his fault but it's not. My dad smoked for over 40 years. When he started smoking they didn't even know the risks yet. Growing up I begged my dad to stop smoking but he said he couldn't. He tried...but he couldn't.
In 2007 my niece was born and my dad decided he wanted to see his granddaughter grown up so he went to his doctor and she put him on Chantix and helped him quit. He never picked up another cigarette.
I feel like I run into so many people who were effected by lung cancer, I can't understand how it isn't more funded or even seen with more sympathy. I guess I'm just venting.
Anyway, in honor of the month I've been painting one of my nails pearl (the lung cancer awareness color) that way when someone asks about my mix matched nail I can tell them and raise awareness.

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I'm sorry for your loss. Interesting considerations...I never looked at it that way and didn't know there was such lack of funding in lung cancer research. The idea that anyone has it coming to them because of their smoking habbit is simply contemptible of course. I'm sorry you have had to put with that.
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I am sorry about your dad.
My mom has pulmonary fibrosis.
Never smoked a cancer stick in her life, tho has been around secondhand
I'm a huge advocate of the little one not becoming exposed.....
Yeah, it's bothersome because lung cancer also often disguises itself as something else. For example, my dad was "diagnosed" with COPD. The only reason they found the king cancer is because it had spread to hi bones and caused some pain. At that point they did an MRI and a CT and found cancer almost everywhere!
I feel that this is something people should be aware of because it's not just a smokers disease. It can happen to anyone really.

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thank you OP for sheading light on the disease. I must admitt (shamefully) that iv never given much thought to lung cancer outside of its smoking relation. Im sorry to hear about your loss. im going to paint my nails pearl also when i get off from work. LUNG CANCER AWARENESS!!

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