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cyndi 11-14-2011 02:27 PM

Eek! I have an interview in 6 minutes.
I really hope I get it...the job is in Oceanside, CA!

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thelio 11-14-2011 02:29 PM

Sending out good vibes your way!! Whoo you go girl!! you got this!!

SarcasmIsBeauty 11-14-2011 02:29 PM

Good luck!

greenjumper 11-14-2011 02:32 PM


You'll do great.

WileE-Dead 11-14-2011 02:46 PM


gubbydee 11-14-2011 02:49 PM

Good. Luck

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curlypearl 11-14-2011 07:06 PM

How did it go? Inquiring curlies want to know!!!

misspam 11-14-2011 07:10 PM

Hope it went well!

cyndi 11-14-2011 10:50 PM

I think it went well...we'll see what they say. I was really hoping to find a job in San Diego, but all of the people that contacted wanted part-time. Oceanside is soooo pretty! I'm also going to a convention (ASHA) in San Diego this weekend, so hopefully I'll get a few more job leads in the area.

juicyfruit 11-15-2011 10:35 PM

Keeping fingers crossed!

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