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I'm hoping someone can shed some light on this situation. Im 24 years old and am so confused about guys! I'm not the type of girl who has random sex and hooks up with guys. I pride myself on my individuality, and am not into a lot of the same stuff people my age may be. That being said, there is a guy I like, I'm not great at flirting, but we have fun and joke around and I just act like myself. Im not sure if he likes me too yet. But I notice other girls who are so flirty and sleep with every guy they can, and of course they get the guys to notice them and go out with them. So just because I am not like that, does that mean I'll never get a guy? Cause that's how it's feeling at this point :-\ What's wrong with the guys of this generation? Please write me back, thanks!
If he likes you, he'll let you know sooner or later. So, don't sweat it. Just make sure he knows you like him, too. Guys aren't mind-readers.

You're not in competition with other women, so don't think about how you're somehow at a disadvantage because you don't have casual sex. And don't assume women do it to lure men. Some women just enjoy having sex, even if it's not in a committed relationship. If you don't want to have sex, a guy should respect that. If a guy tells you that he likes you, but he can't deal with not having sex, he's not the guy for you. But there's nothing wrong with a man wanting a woman who likes sex either. Like I said, it's not a competition, there's all different types of men and women out there, so there's someone for everyone.

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Be yourself. The right man will come. I think men should have to work for sex.. meaning I don't give it up easily. He needs to earn my trust, earn my respect and respect me. I'm not one who has (had) casual sex, just not me.
Good relationships happen when your good friends. Be his friend. Flirt, have fun, joke around. If he has feelings for you, when he's ready, you'll be there, if you're still available.
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