Hotels in the Bahamas?

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What is a good hotel to stay at in the Bahamas? My daughter wants to stay at one of the Atlantis hotels, possibly The Royal Towers....does anyone know anything about this resort? Is it too crowded, busy, overrated, .... ?

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I've heard Atlantis is amazing, but it's very $$$.

We stayed at Pelican Bay on Freeport about 6 or 7 years ago, and I remember it being very nice~

Pelican Bay Hotel Lucaya Grand Bahama Island Bahamas

Thanks for your thoughts. I have to look into it. It looks really nice on their website.
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I've only been to Freeport, and from what I saw of it, it's pretty boring there. If you can stay in Nassau do it. That's where all the action is.
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Thanks for your thoughts. I have to look into it. It looks really nice on their website.
Originally Posted by anniemae
You are welcome!

Oops, I meant it was on Grand Bahama Island, not in Freeport. The area it's located in, Lucaya, is the tourist destination on the island, with beaches and hotels.

I thought it was a really cute, fun little area.
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I will ask a friend of mine...
We're staying at the Atlantis n the Royal Tower next June. My MIL is taking my hubby, daughter, and me for her 75th birthday. We were just researching over the weekend and found that booking through Expedia, Travelocity, or directly through the Atlantis was better than the rate our travel agent gave us. Right now, you can book 3 nights and get a 4th free.
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This is what my friend said...
We stayed in the Royal Towers. 100 more square feet than the other rooms on that side. But if it's just a couple without kids it wouldn't matter.
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Thinking about looking into'd it go anniemae?
I know this thread is a little old, but in case you haven't booked yet....

We stayed at Nassau Breezes for Easter weekend. Nice enough resort, but for the money you can go somewhere better, or save a lot and stay somewhere the same.

Food was excellent, staff was great, beach & pool area was ok. Shows were less the desirable, missing a lot of the little things I expect from a higher end resort (fridges & robes in rooms, stocked mini bar, snacks in rooms, pool towel system was a joke, drinks in those stupid little cups). A lot of that was our fault, we usually stay at Excellence or Iberostar and assumed Breezes was in the same wasn't!

We went to Atlantis (for an afternoon, then a few nights for the casino) and it's truly stunning. Didn't see a room, but the whole place will really take your breath away. We spoke to a few people staying there though and they said the food was over the top ridiculous and they were eating off the resort. If you have the money though, I think it would be a brilliant experience.

I have heard the Riu is very nice (one of my least favorite chains, but have heard this one if an exception), a little outdated in the decor, but over all very nice.
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We never ended up going to the Bahamas, although I'd like to. We went to key west for a week, which was fabulous, fun, and relaxing.
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