Help...I hate bra shopping!

So it's time for me to buy new bras and I'm looking for really cute yet functional everyday bras. I'm a 36B and I'm having the hardest time finding at least one bra that I really like. The department stores here suck. I like a little padding and prefer a push up bra since the girls need all the help they can get, but there just doesn't seem to be a great selection of them. I've been to Nordstrom, Macy's, and VS. The bras I tried on at VS looked and felt cheap...almost like they were made out of foam. I haven't been to Frederick's of Hollywood yet, but that's my next stop.

Anyway, where do you typically find bras at? I tried looking online for a boutique and came up with a bunch of naughty lingerie stores...definitely not what I'm looking for. Any ideas?
Did you try the Wacoal bras at Nordstroms or Macys? I have two that are pretty much exactly what you described. They were pricey but well worth it.

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Ya, I saw the Wacoal bras but they didn't have any padding. The stores here suck, which is surprising considering I live in a very busy city near Los Angeles. The selection here is just crappy I guess. Hmm, maybe I'll check Wacoal on line. Thanks!
The one I have is called the Lace Front Contour Bra. It is listed under the petite ones but I believe the sell a non-petite variety as well. It's a great bra. Let's me fake having breasts.

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." -- Theodor Seuss Geisel
I buy all my bras at Frederick's. Granted, they're the only ones who make my size (and are accessible), but I find the quality is really good for the price, which is typically half of VS. They have deals all the time, too. AND, their padding is often removable, so you have options. Oh, and the bras are really pretty. The salespeople are really nice, too. If they didn't close their branch here, I probably would have considered applying for a job there, time allowing. I really, really like them.
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this may surprise you, but American Eagle Outfitters has REALLY CUTE and functional, comfy, push-up ish bras! I'm a 34 B and my boobs don't really do the sexy cleavage thing, but with my new bra, they look a lot nicer. I got mine on sale for $15. give them a try!
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Buy some bigger boobs. Problem solved!
Um...Dick does having larger breasts solve the needing-a-bra problem? Seems it makes the problem worse.
First of all, when you go bra shopping, don't say "I'm a 36B". Getting the number/letter combination out our heads makes it easier. Second, go to Macy's or Nordstroms and ask for their professional fitter. Have that person explain to you how to fit a bra.

When people have trouble, it's often because they're looking for a certain size rather than for what fits.
ITA with Myra. I am actually heading over to Nordstrom's today to try and get fitted.

I bought some bra's last week from Fredericks, and thouught they totally fit. Now, wearing them under clothes and all of that, they don't fit at all. She did measure me, but seems that she did some guesswork too...."Well, let's try this size and see..."
I desperately need new bras, but I can never find my size. I am a 34AA. I've tried 32As before, but they are usually too tight in the band and, sadly, too big in the cups. It is a mystery to me why they are so small.
Buy some bigger boobs. Problem solved!
Originally Posted by RichardHead
Hey Dick Head...that's a great idea! Wanna come boobie shopping with me?

While Dick and I set up a boobie shopping date, I will need to buy some bras to wear in the meantime. I tried on some bras at Fredericks but I didn't find one that I liked. Funny how I'm having such a hard time with bras now considering I used to work at Fredericks (but that was 12 years ago). I did buy some bras at Macy's that I thought fit well but when I wore one the other day, it was so uncomfortable. I ended up just taking it off and I went braless at work

So, I think I'll go this weekend and just get fitted. My bra size has fluctuated a lot this past year so this may be the problem. Thanks for all the help!
Bra sizes should be treated like any other clothing size. I bet there's not one woman on this board who has one size of shoes. I bet we all have at least two; I have everything from 6 to 7.5, Mediums and Narrow. Right now I'm wearing a medium sweater and large turtleneck. One day, at Casual Corner, I bought a size 8 skirt and size 12 skirt. With shoes, I ask the sales clerk to bring a 6.5 and 7. With clothes, I take in a 12, 14, and 16.

Our bras should be no different. Try each one on and don't think of yourself as this size or that.
Myradella3, you are so right. I wear some tops in an XS, some in small, and others in Medium.
I couldn't agree more about getting fitted. About a month ago Oprah had a show about finding the right size bra and jeans (I think it was called The Bra Revolution). They discussed how many women (like over 90%) are wearing the wrong size and how to find one that is right for you.

Sure enough, when I measured I was wearing the wrong band size and cup size!! No wonder my bras never feel good!

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I'm a 36B and I'm having the hardest time finding at least one bra that I really like.
Originally Posted by CSI Gal
I should add that I have had a breast reduction. It was absolutely the best thing I could have ever done in my life. Since then I've become bra obsessed.
I'm a 36B and I'm having the hardest time finding at least one bra that I really like.
Originally Posted by CSI Gal
Originally Posted by frau
lol, I used to be a 36C. I miss the girls
Just got back from being fitted.

The bra's I bought last week?


My fitting today?

32DDDD or 32G.

I don't look that big, that's the thing. Even the sales lady was shocked. But now I have a bra that fits, and I can TOTALLY tell.

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