Kombucha Tea?

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i stumbled on Kombucha Tea at whole foods the other day and enjoyed it. then i started reading about the health benefits. just curious if anyone else drinks it and what benefits, if any you have seen.

by the way, this is the brand i drink.

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I drink it occasionally when I'm in the mood for something horrible. Horrible in a good way.
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I drink Yogi Green Tea Kombucha decaf. I absolutely LOVE it! It has a detox effect on me, since I have food allergies/intolerances and I don't necessarily follow the rules 100% of the time. It also helped me lose 3 lbs. when I drank it everyday for a couple weeks.
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I like kombucha and drink some every day. My blood pressure seems to have gone down since I started doing that.

I make my own, which is very easy.

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