Stainless steel pans and high temperatures

My mom bought me a set of cookware for Christmas. It is Stainless Steel, Tools of the Trade by Macy's. I opened the box today and there is a paper that says high heat may damage or discolor cookware...medium heat is recommended.

So I can't cook anything on high heat? It all has to be medium? How am I supposed to boil water etc... Most of the things that I cook start out on high heat.
Weird. Maybe they mean prolonged high heat?
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My hubby blames me for our warped Calphalon skillet and frying pan. He says I shouldn't be cooking on high. I always thought he was just trying to be a know-it-all but maybe he's right?

My hubby's had to throw away many a frying pan b/c of his high-heat tendencies. Revere, something like Calphalon... ETA: We'll see how long the actual Calphalon lasts.
I have stainless but they are copper bottomed. Never had problems with high heat.

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I think they say that about a lot of pans.

One of the reasons is that many pans have non-stick coatings that emit toxic gasses when heated at certain temps.

The other reason is probably what everyone else said.

I have a "Tools of the Trade" enameled cast iron pan (which they don't even sell anymore for some reason, but anyway...) which says the same thing as your pans do.
So do you all use high heat anyway?
Originally Posted by tgreyz
I do. But Calphalon has a lifetime warranty all but two of their cookware lines.

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