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To get water marks out of wood furniture:

Put a cotton cloth over the water mark and rub a medium-hot iron over it for 15 - 20 secs. Make sure the iron isn't set up to steam. Keep moving the iron; don't just set it there. Repeat as necessary until the spot is gone. It may take a minute or two - but it works!!
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To help remove stubborn, burned on food from baking pans, skillets, whatever, fill with water and put an used dryer sheet and allow to soak for several hours. The baked on stuff will come right off.
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Vinegar removes stuck on, hard to get off gum. There was a huge gob stuck in my daughters cup holder in her carseat. Warm vinegar in microwave, pour on and gum practically dissolves.
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to clean out your microwave, pour vinegar in cup or bowl and heat in microwave. will take away stubborn food odors and soften up stunck on food.

instead of throwing away sponges, heat in microwave to kill germies. Although you should toss them eventually.
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Use products with bleach added to spray clean your shower after use. You'll be less likely to get rings or mineral build-up.


Ooh! Also, Lysol Dual Action Wipes fit Swiffer Sweepers, and are cheaper by far.

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