Dad uses Facebook to teach daughter a lesson

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But why is it OK for the dad, a grown man, not to realize that something like this would go viral on youtube (exactly the type of idiotic thing that does) but not OK for a kid to realize her dad might read her facebook?
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That's a fair point. And I would almost certainly not take the same road. But I'm still okay with the punishment fitting the crime. You embarrass your parents (and others) in public, don't be surprised if the same thing happens to you. The dad mentioned elsewhere that she was also calling someone else a whore and a ***** a couple of days after that post. I don't think it was necessarily just the fact that she vented on Facebook, but the types of things that she was saying. She was disrespectful to the family friend who cleaned the house (in exchange for him fixing her computer, I think).

I think he's learned his own lesson in all this, though. They've both come away with the idea that they shouldn't air dirty laundry in public. From the dad:

We have always told her what you put online can affect you forever. Years later a single Facebook/MySpace/Twitter comment can affect her eligibility for a good job and can even get her fired from a job she already has. She’s seen first-hand through this video the worst possible scenario that can happen. One post, made by her Dad, will probably follow him the rest of his life; just like those mean things she said on Facebook will stick with the people her words hurt for a long time to come. Once you put it out there, you can’t take it back, so think carefully before you use the internet to broadcast your thoughts and feelings.
I do think he should take the video down at this point, though, even though it'll be a while before the whole thing dies down.
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I think that if it's gotten to the point that you need to shoot bullets through a laptop in order to parent your child, you're doing something wrong. there are more sane ways to teach your child a lesson. how about setting an example of being level-headed even while frustrated? I mean, this girl is learning how to behave from somewhere.

I also think the girl is silly and the kind of person that I block from my newsfeed. I know people like this. I also know way more teenagers who have enough self-respect and respect for their parents to keep their personal issues off of facebook. because they were parented right.
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Obviously I don't see anything wrong with shooting a laptop he provided for his daughter. I can see the situation easily getting out of hand with the girl thinking she can do whatever she wants. In the update link it's obvious she wasn't scarred or anything else and some of the BS that was posted as responses is just that, BS. I mean really? Are people stupid enough to think the girl is going to become a stripper or go on a shooting rampage because her father disciplined her in the same manner that she started the whole situation? I think parents need to adapt to the times and that includes discipline in different ways. Lord knows if the SO walloped his kid's butt in a store they'd be calling the cops and to me that's just sad that you can't discipline your child like that anymore, instantly so the child knows who is in charge. The problem is so very many of the children out there don't know who is in charge, they think they are.
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I'm still kind of in shock about the shooting thing too (that people think that that's OK.) What a terrible example to set for a kid by a grown-ass man.
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I read the comments in this thread first before watching the video and I was surprised that after watching the video I saw nothing wrong with what dad did. And after reading his update, I like him even more. I'm not a gun person, so I got a little nervous about that part, but once again after I saw it, it was no big deal.

Children and parenting are not a one size fits all type of thing. It may not be your style or work for your kid, but I think he made his point with Hannah and I bet she will be a better person for it. I know people (adults and teens) who have turned to out be entitiled, whiny, brats who need to be coddled all the time and adulthood is not the walk in the park they assumed it would be because of it. I suspect Hannah could have the same personality as them and I'm grateful her dad has given her a wake up call.

I also don't see the shooting of the laptop as any more wasteful than the rest of our 1st world lives. If shooting the lap top is wasteful then owning one probably is too.

Blame it on the cell phone...
I wonder why she didn't have the right to vent about her life on FB. It didn't seem that bad to me! Plus I have never asked my kids to get me a cup of coffee, wine maybe LOL.
I still think he's a jerk for lack of a better word!
teenagers who are whiny and entitled aren't born that way, they are raised that way. and I can think of about eight million things that a parent could do to teach their child a lesson before deciding that WELP, gonna go out back and shoot her computer. How about taking away her Facebook, taking away/donating/selling her laptop, grounding her, making her pay for a cleaning lady if she doesn't want to clean, making her pay for her laptop, stop her from getting her license when the time comes, or all of the above?

Or he could've started a bonfire and thrown her in there with her laptop because hey, he provided her with life, didn't he?
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i like the fact hes willing to be active in his daughters life but his reaction and lesson was extreme. i think theyre much more alike than hes willing to admit. the apple didnt drop far from the tree. actually its more the "branch" didnt drop far from the tree
After seeing the updates this guy has posted on his Facebook, it looks like he was doing it all for the attention and fame.

Because taking away the computer, or (him being an IT) shutting it off from any internet connection would be too hard apparently.
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