how long is your commute?

The job I lost in November, my commute was 12 minutes.

The new job I start Monday, my commute will be right under an hour, with no traffic. With traffic, it will be an hour and a half, maybe more.

As for my in-home business, my studio is a worktable in front of a sunny window in my kitchen and my laptop is across the room. So it's about 10 steps from the artist's studio to the manager's office
10 minutes by bus
25 minutes when i walk
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DH's commute is maybe 12 minutes but it is frequently longer due to the road he has to drive. It's a 2 lane country road, very few passing areas, so it really depends on who he gets stuck behind.

I only have to walk the kids to and from school. It's 20 minutes round trip.

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8 minutes. 9 or 10, if I have to stop for the crossing guard in front of the school.
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My old job was 11 minutes, I thought it couldn't get any better than that but my new job is 5-6 minutes depending on traffic.

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Before my office moved my commute was 30min via car and 20min via train. Now my commute is an hour via train or 90min via car. Sucks so I work from home a lot more.

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45 min to an hour, depending on how stupid Virginia driver's want to be -_-
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It takes me about 15 minutes door-to-door. I'd hate to drive much longer than that. A 30 minute commute would be too long for me. (Not that I wouldn't do it if I had to, but there would be a good bit of whining going on...)

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An hour or two. Depending on traffic.
I drive.
I used to hate it. Then I discovered podcasts. I record them everyday in a USB memory and listen in my car. I now enjoy very much my commute!
Nevertheless, I wish I worked closer to home.
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It's about 35 minutes each way, to school. It would be longer, but luckily I miss rush hour traffic with all of my classes. I dread the day when I don't have such an awesome schedule, and 35 minutes turns into 45+!

My drive to work is approximately 6 minutes.

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My commute to my regular job is about 10-15 minutes (and it's a straight run down one main road).

I do part time contract work some weekends and that commute is just over an hour each way, but it's near where my family lives, so it gives me a chance to see them as well.

I also commute to sing in two church choirs (same church- two different adult choirs), and choir is about 35 minutes each way. I used to live in the same town as the choir when I first joined, but I've moved three times since then but don't want to leave--I'm the main soloist in one of the groups so I just feel too invested.

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It's 16 miles each way, so 30 minutes without traffic or anywhere from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours with traffic. The longest it's taken me to get home is 2 hours.
It takes me 25mins to drive to school and 30 minutes to get to work. I hate commuting, which is part of the reason why I will be moving back to DC this summer.

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45 minutes each way. My husband's is 1 hr 15 minutes each way. He usually stops mid-way to get a cup of coffee just to break up the drive.

I have a pretty stress free drive. My husband is the one that has to deal with stop & go traffic for part of his drive. But we both think it's worth it when we come home to our mountain home.
I work 35 mi from home so it takes me about an hour.

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A long commute would make me nuts. I'm spoiled. I've lived from 2 to 5 blocks from my job for the last 27 years so my commute has been a couple minutes walking or driving. Before that I lived 13 miles away so for 10 years my commute was 15-30 min depending on weather.
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Right now it's 15 minutes (not highway) but my office is moving to the opposite side of town and by highway access will be about 30 min.

My longest commute ever.

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6.5 miles = 11's awesome.
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I don't work. My husband's current commute is 35 miles one way. It was 85 miles one way for many years.
We're 5 miles or so from the freeway entrance then he drives a few miles off from the freeway to get to his job. His job location is always in the middle of a small crappy town. Just part of the gig.

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