Managing money on the computer and saving the files...

I keep track of all of my money through a program on my computer. I can track back to 2000 not that I need to. Do you just let the file go on forever and ever and you can track multiple years of spending? Or is there a way to delete years without messing up your current tally?
I use Quicken, and there is a way to archive data so that only the current year is shown.

Look under File and then choose Year-End Copy. It will ask if you want to Archive, or Start New Year.

The Archive command makes a copy of transactions prior to and including a date you specify. Your Quicken transactions remain unchanged archiving in Quicken does not split the archived transactions off from the original data file.

The Start New Year command saves a copy of the current file, then starts a new file (with a new name) that contains only the new year's data. This is the one I use, since I like to have one file for each year for Turbotax ease.


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