Giving Personal Email to Employer?

But....all in all you guys have no problem giving out your personal email whether it be making up a new account or not? I think it's ridiculous and that they want it for some other reasons, but they're making it seem like it's for some alternate purpose.
Originally Posted by gryantmarch2step
My firm just implemented a similar emergency response system. And they want an alternate e-mail because if there is an emergency and the company's system is down, then you won't be able to access info from your work e-mail because the server would likely be down.

For example, my whole office just moved. They implemented the emergency system during the move because they had to shut down the servers and phone lines to move everything. Upon shut-down of the system, I received an e-mail on my personal e-mail and a text message on my cell telling me the system is down and the link to the temporary site where I could access any new e-mails sent to the work system.

Once the system was back up, I received another e-mail and text.

I guess it doesn't bother me because my job already knows how to reach me on my cell and personal e-mail. But I guess I'm not sure what sinister things they could, would want to, or have the funds to do with my e-mail address.

Anyway, I agree with those who say to set up a separate e-mail account specifically for this if you are concerned.
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I never heard of an email client.
Originally Posted by gryantmarch2step
Me neither
Originally Posted by PixieCurl
it's an application like microsoft outlook express or mozilla thunderbird (which is free and easy to set up, if you don't have outlook express) that lets you check/manage multiple email accounts at once. i would go nuts without it.

i have a gmail address i use for work/professional type stuff.
We have an Avian Flu/Disaster Recovery plan and we did all give our personal e-mail addresses for that reason. Our company's activities are in some cases life-supporting and communication might be critical.

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