Ass kissers, brown nosers, "yes" people...

I work for a very large company, and as you walk the halls, and ride the elevators, you can almost sense who is part of the executive teams by the way people speak to them. They have this tone that sounds as though they're talking to a child, or someone who is fragile or dumb. Why do people do this? Don't they realize that the executives did not get to where they are by being stupid or fragile? I can't take it anymore!

I swear if I ever become an exec, anyone who speaks to me in this manner is getting the boot (alright, maybe just a public tongue lashing... aaalright, maybe a private tongue lashing).

Also, I have to wonder, does one need to kiss ass to get ahead? 'Cause if you do, damn, I'm not going to be an exec anytime soon!

I don't believe that you have to be a brown noser but I do think that you have to be approachable and someone that puts others at ease.

You have to have the respect and confidence of those that you report to to advance.

I hate the "team player" term but I think that there is a lot of truth to it.
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Yes, I do think you need to kiss ass. For some reason people eat that up more so than they do the actions of an honest, genuine person.
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For some reason people eat that up more so than they do the actions of an honest, genuine person.
Originally Posted by wonderdiana
I have noticed that too and it drives me insane!! I am like, "COME ON!" (I am a terrible ass kisser. I am too blunt to kiss ass- my real opinions on stuff always show through!)
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