You Ever Wonder How Many Pictures You're Accidently In?

Ah, I'd never really thought about this, but now I will for sure.

Slightly off-topic, but there's a picture of my brother and I at the beach when I wasn't even 2. He's holding me up in the air and I'm cheesing it up. I found this picture when I was 11 and wrote on the back of it, "Me, Donnie & some guy blocking the camera" because there was a dude standing in the front that I did NOT recognize. Turned out it was my dad and he had a full beard at that time, so I didn't know him.
Our friend's daughter was showing him some pics she took at a concert with her phone, saying, "Look how cute, these old people are enjoying the band." Our friends recognized them -- it was me and my BF!

Have to admit, there were not many people there over legal drinking age.

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