Online Dating...Can I just say OMG?!?!?!?

Ok... a small vent...
I've tried the online dating thing and on the rare occasion when someone can actually form a written sentence and use some decent grammar... I start getting my hopes up. Well, the latest guy I've been chatting with and emailing calls me tonight. I missed his call (which I now know was a blessing in disguise). He sounded like he might not be all there. So, I tell my friend about it and she says...give the guy a chance...maybe he was nervous, etc. So I listen to the message again and litteraly can't stop laughing. He seriously sounds like he is not all there!! This is my typical luck with guys in general....

Ok...thanks for listening to my vent!!!

Have any online dating experiences??
I am NOT satisfied with your post. You are leaving out details!
c'monnnnnnn, what'd he say? what'd he say?
No online dating for me personally, but lots for my mom. I was sort of her confidante with it all (she didn't want to tell my sisters) so I experienced all of the... interesting guys with her. You really just have to learn to laugh it off! At first you get lots and lots of (crazy) inquiries but it cools off after a while. There really are guys out there that are intelligent and can spell and use grammar! New guys join all the time so keep checking. Also, keep several prospects at one time and go on lots of dates. My mom is actually dating a guy that she met on online dating and they're going on 2 or 3 months, and they are SO happy together. He really is a great guy, even though he and I don't always get along. Luckily I'm not dating him . Hang in there, good luck!
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my online dating phase was ... um ... interesting? absurd? hilarious? sometimes painful? take your pick!

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My aunt has dealt with some crazies as well, but she's seeing someone right now and seems happy. You must share some more details though!

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I know a couple who are now happily married who met through online dating, so sometimes it works.
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Guano: Nope, it was a post on the housecleaning thread
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My parents have both done online dating. They are not crazies but they have met some crazies!

I would just say, listen to your instincts. If there is a red flag about someone, or your friends think there is a red flag, then something's probably up. My mom met a man online and ignored her friends who said "something isn't right about him." She wasted 5 years with this guy. It turns out he was a complete wacko and her friends had been right all along.

I guess it works for some folks and others not so much! My aunt met her husband online 10 years ago. They are now married (obviously) with four kids.
Mayim - Your sig! Please tell me that isn't about what it sounds?
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Guano: Nope, it was a post on the housecleaning thread
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Ok then Thanks!
I'm always shocked at the amount of people who are interested in online dating. I've heard of some people who meet "the one" and get married, so I guess for them it was a good thing. But I couldn't imagine doing it in a million years.
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A friend of mine had me sit with her and start an online dating thing I think with yahoo or something and then she had a guy send a reply so she asked to meet for a chat and asked me if I would type she wasn't a good typer and was really nervous well after "we" chatted with this guy one night he and her kept emailing back and forth anyway a few weeks later I got an email from him saying that she was nice and all but he thought he liked me better. I felt so bad I guess I let a little to much of my personality come through on the chat or something and he found her quite dry. I just told hime sorry I'm married and that was the end of that

I had no problem with dating online. Sure, a lot of freaks contacted me, but I never actually went out on a real date with anyone I'd consider freaky. You learn to completely ignore the weirdos eventually. I dated 5 guys from Match, 2 of those are still friends, and 1 is my boyfriend of just over 2 years now.
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I met my husband wasnt a dating site it was a radio station website. We've been married for almost 2 years now

Personally I think it is a really good way to get to know someone seeing as all you do is chat. My husband and I before we met spent countless hours chatting on the computer and talking on the phone. I felt I knew him better than the guy I was with for 8 years that had ended at that time.

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