Shaving with condish WORKS!

And I figured this does not belong in the hair forum because I've seen people talk about shaving creams here and not get moved.

I ran out of shave gel right after finishing my right leg, reached frantically for my suave healthy curls condish and wow! My left leg feels so smooth and nice, even better than my right! Dang magazines were wrong telling me it'd gunk up the razor. Now I know how to use the stuff up...

...It's a siggie.
Yup. I've been using conditioner for years. You'll never want to go back to those expensive gunky shaving gels.
I use conditioner too. I seem to be allergic to shave gels; gives me red bumps. Condish? Cheaper, easier to use, and works better. It's a win-win
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Conditioner is comedogenic, though. Seems like it would give me leg pimples.
I use condish to shave my arm pits. I use the......shaver thinggy.......with the built in stuff......WTF?........for my legs. Anyway, yes, condish works great.
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