How much do you spend on groceries?

I spend just over $600 a month. It was about $100 less than that, but my niece has been living with me so now we are feeding 6.
I also buy a lot of organic produce and I donít buy stuff with crap ingredients (no hydrogenated oils, no chemical preservatives). I also LOVE to cook, which doesnít help our budget.
Originally Posted by mazey
Same here but I do know how much I spend. Our weekly budget for 2 adults, 2 toddlers and 3 dogs is $130. I shop at super walmart (our grocery store), BJs and Trader Joes. Also will start to hit the local farmer's market (year round) in order to get some fresher veggies. I try to do as much organic as will fit in our budget so for now that means mostly fruit and some of the more pesticide ridden veggies. Not all though.
we spend WAY too much...

about 100-125 every week that includes everything though, baby stuff, dog stuff and mike and i
I spend about $200 a week for 5 of us, and honestly, I wish I could spend more. I'd like to have salmon and shrimp every week, and have lots of good, healthy munchies lying around, instead of "have an apple, or a cheese stick!" every single day.
Minneapolis, MN
$400 a month or so at Whole Foods
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Some weeks I can spend around $50 for staples like milk, oj, eggs... Other weeks when I buy boxes of cereal, meats or cat & dog food it runs around $75. Rarely have I ever had a weekly total over $100, and that was if we were having a big family cookout or dinner.

We don't buy sodas, beer or a lot of meat, and DD eats lunch at school, so that lowers the grocery bill a bit too.
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For DH, me and baby, we spend 100 a week. This includes all other necessities such as TP, kleenex, cleaning supplies, lotion, diapers, wipes, etc.

Not bad...I know we could do it on a lot less if we cut out the non-necessities (coke, trail mix etc).
It just occured to me that mine is also for cat food and litter, etc. I'm wondering now what we actually spend on just food per week. I get it all at the same time (food, laundry supplies, paper supplies, toilet tissue, etc, etc, etc), so I bet the actual food is a lot less. We eat out a couple nights a week too, though, so that should be added in.
Somewhere between 60 and 80 on an average week for the two of us.
Originally Posted by Gemini13
I've never really added it up, I just know it's no small amount.

I would guess - for food and toiletries - maybe $300 a month? I buy for two. SO eats a lot of junk food, and I'm rarely home so I end up buying breakfast and lunch to take to work with me.
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