Interviews: Should I tell them I'm unemployed?

I have a phone interview this morning and an in-person interview tomorrow (2 different places). I'm sure they will ask me if I am still employed at (insert last job here). Is it going to reflect badly on me if I tell them I was laid off? I had no control over that. Obviously I am not going to lie to them but what is the best way to phrase that I am currently unemployed?
Becasue you were laid off, I would just explain the circumstances. Had you quit, or been fired, I would be alittle more cautious about telling them. This was out of your control though, so I don't see how they hold that against you.

Good Luck
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I have interviewed people who were laid off or whose company folded. I don't consider it a negative issue at all. It happens!
I never knew what to say to people. I was on a jobhunt for two years. I was working at the same retail job (bookstore) that I had been at all four years of college and almost two years after, and working parttime with a theatre production company.

At one interview, the guy gave me the third degree about why I had been out of college for "sooooooooooooooooo long" and still didn't have a "real job" yet.

I wanted to kick him!!!! I had gone through so much with interviews, etc. and I didn't understand why he should care that my current job wasn't "good enough" for him, when I was clearly sending out applications and interviewing AND working SEVEN DAYS A WEEK at two jobs while doing so! Made me so mad!

But, I realized that I nothing to be ashamed of and anyone worth working for that would realize what a great worker I was wouldn't care about something like that. Honesty is always the right way to didn't do anything wrong!!!!
It's absoloutely fine to say you were laid off. It's completely different than being fired or quitting, and the interviewer knows that.
There's nothing wrong with saying that you were laid off--it's a good explanantion for why you are job searching.

If the company closed, filed for bankruptcy, eliminated your department, or reduced itself to a core group of people, you may want to add this as well (obviously, without injecting any negatives).
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unless you went postal with a gun on some colleagues or were caught stealing, there is a way to explain being fired without being scared or looking sheepish. you just have to have a strong command of language and have confidence in changing the tone and direction of the interview.

here is an example of a reply that makes the applicant sound professional and confident, while showing that she takes responsibility for the part she played in her termination:

"I was fired after a major reorganization. The merging of different cultures had caused a major change in the way things were done. There were some differences of opinion between my boss and me. In the end, I was let go. I take responsibility for my part in the way things turned out. I learned a lot from the experience, and in retrospect, I would have handled it differently. But that is behind me now, and I am ready to move on with a new perspective."

whatever you do, don't lie and don't complain about your past job.
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Being laid off is not a negative. If you are doing any volunteer work, constulting, etc., in addition to job-hunting, definitely mention that.
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