Ugh! I just had the worst morning! Jayda & I were in the bathroom brushing our teeth. I left for a second to put something in the kitchen & she locked herself in!!! Dh & I tried & tried to get her to "turn the lock again" but she just wouldn't do it. After about 10 minutes she started getting upset, as well as us because we couldn't get it open. Then, DUH, I thought to get the plyers because I realized that the "knob" to the lock was right there. Meanwhile DH & I are arguing & getting upset at eachother - I ended up throwing the plyers b/c he kept telling me to let him try, then says fine I'm leaving for work. I was so mad that he was actually going to leave while Jayda was still locked in the bathroom! So, get this, he tells me to go to my room! I was like, what am I a child? It was MY IDEA to turn the knob w/ the plyers, but noooooo he had to do it & it worked - thank God! So now, Jayda, myself & my middle girl are crying. She's upset cuz I threw the plyers & cuz we're yelling. Ugh! Poor Jayda's scared from being locked in & I'm crying cuz of everything!

All-in-all a terrible morning. DH left for work in a huff. But thank goodness Jayda is out. I feel so stupid for leaving the bathroom like that - ugh!

Thanks for letting me vent,
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We have these little key thingies that unlock doors that get locked from the inside.
Tell him NEVER to be a dink like that again
But soooo glad she is out and everything will be ok. Hey, the day can only get better
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Ugh, that's so scary! Sorry DH was a butt.
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Ugh, I hate when mornings get set off like that. Hope your day was better!
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Ooh ooh!! Waving hand!!! Mine was bad too!!

Car refused to start this morning. I think there was water in the gas line or something because after trying a few times it started fine and has been fine. But was definitely not what I needed this morning. And then checked the bank statement online, discovering we have like almost no money!! Ahhhh.....the joys of putting a spouse through college.

Then had an argument with my cousin/best friend on the way to work.

But I'm here in one piece and the day can only get better, right?
3b (I think!)
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Originally Posted by juvjoy
You got it!! xoxoxoxox
3b (I think!)
HGs - Suave Nexxus Knockoff, Jessicurl Weekly DT, L'Oreal Out of Bed, HESMU.
Just thought I'd let you know that as a small child I had quite a few "oops, I accidentally locked myself in the bathroom, and now I'm frightened, alone, and humiliated, and my mom is freaking out" and I turned out just fine.
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