Article: Airline Defends Removing Family From Flight

Here's an interesting headline following on the heels of the Toddler conversation:

Airline defends removing family from flight

AirTran Airways backs decision to boot parents, toddler for temper tantrum

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I think the airline was in the right. If the parents could not control their child and the flight was already delayed, why should there be further delays for one family. The airline reimbursed their ticket prices which I wouldn't have done.

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I think the airline did the right thing. A child being sick is one thing. I can deal with a flight being late for that reason. I can deal with a child crying on a flight or even having a tantrum. That happens. I do think, though, the parents were pretty inconsiderate of everyone else around them to think the flight should be delayed b/c they won't buckle the kid in. I know it sounds harsh, but I think what the parents expected was too much. Plus, the seat belt rules are in place for safety reasons.
I know that by FAA regulation they can't taxi or take off unless everyone is in their seat. If I were one of the other passengers I probably would have applauded. Sounds as if the child is not ready for air travel yet.
I think the airline did the right thing. It sounds like the parents just don't want to take responsibility for their child. They are blaming the airline instead of admitting that their child's behavior was putting others in a difficult situation.

And the airline gave them 3 free round-trip tickets to anywhere in the US that the airline flies. That was very nice of the airline to do.

I agree with the airline. If nothing else, the family made out well as they recieved their airfare refunded to them AND received vouchers for new tickets.
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The Orlando-based carrier reimbursed the family $595.80, the cost of the three tickets, and the Kuleszas flew home the next day.

They also were offered three roundtrip tickets anywhere the airline flies, Graham-Weaver said.

The father said his family would never fly AirTran again.
I don't see how they can be angry with the airline when they were refuned their money and given free vouchers to fly in the future.

Based on the article it does seem like the airline was in the right. I really don't understand how it got to that though. It seems like it should be pretty simple to pick up a 3 year old, place her in her seat, and buckle her in...even if she is crying when you do this.
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I watched the video. Those parents just don't get it. How long did they expect the airline and everyone else to wait? People have connections. Crews have other flights to get to. The unions and airlines have work rules about the amount of time the pilots and flight attendants can work in a "shift." It's a chain. You mess with that chain substantially and everything breaks down.
I agree with the airline too. I also agree that the airline was more than generous by giving them their money back and the offer for 3 roundtrip tickets to anywhere else.
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If the child was that unruly before even taking off, imagine the ruckus after a few hours of being confined to a cramped space...
I agree with the airline too. I also agree that the airline was more than generous by giving them their money back and the offer for 3 roundtrip tickets to anywhere else.
Originally Posted by kimmyc
I watched the video. Those parents just don't get it
Originally Posted by Discgirl
Far too many parents "just don't get it". I'm glad the airline stepped in and I think they did the right thing.
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your child is not ready to fly. you can't make the airline change their safety rules and policies by holding your toddler in your lap to appease her. you were wrong to bash the airline, especially when they refunded your fare and made concessions for your future travels.
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My son & I were on a NW flights from BWI to MSP to SLC. During one of those flights there was a young-ish couple with three children. The two youngest were standing up & pulling on seats & I'm pretty sure dropping & throwing things into other seating areas, crawling, walking & running around, playing musical chairs from a parent in one row to the parent in the next, arching their backs & kicking seats in front of them causing the parents to throw their seats backward while the trays were down during snack & drink time when the parents tried to hold them, screaming & crying..., but the attendants did & said nothing about it though they were disruptive to passengers around them.

I feel if one airline is going to take a stand, all airlines need to follow suit.
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i was in coach on the train once and it was the longest train ride ever.

it was hot and crammed and the lady in front of me allowed her toddler to crawl under the seats, pushing her bags/toys against my feet. after 3 hours, i secured my stuff, and walked to the next car, which was air conditioned and practically empty. i sat there for the remainder of my ride home and didn't feel guilty about it one bit!
"Dogs stink too, but I like dog stink." ~ rileyb
I was once flying back from somewhere. It must have been out west b/c it was a long flight. There was a mother and two children in the row behind me. The kids were probably around 3 and 4. I tolerated the older of the two kicking the back of my seat for 1/2 hour w/o saying anything. I kept waiting for mom to tell him to stop, say he was sorry, something. Nothing was said. So the next time it happened, I politely asked his mother to ask him to stop kicking my seat. She said "sure." She said to the boy "Honey. The lady would like you to stop kicking her seat." Whereupon, he continued to kick. So, I peeped through the seats and told him "Stop it now." No more kicking.

Would it have killed his mother to have said that? To have made him give up the window seat if he couldn't act properly.
Some parents just don't get it.
Originally Posted by DJ Machismo
A LOT of parents just don't get it!! I'm a flight attendant for a major airline and parents all the time say to me... "can you tell my child to....."

No...I'm not going to tell your child how to act!! MAKE them sit down and buckle up and keep their damn seat belt on. It's not MY job to babysit your child while you are flying to your destination!!
I was flying back to Boston from Florida once. I was pregnant and felt a little nauseous, so I was just trying to sit still with my eyes closed to try not to feel worse. This little kid behind me kept kicking my seat and pushing it with his feet - just what I didn't need when I didn't feel good. Ideally I would have turned around and politely asked the mom to make it stop. But you know that place where you're afraid if you move or speak you'll get even more nauseous, so you just sit really still? That's where I was. So I had to just put up with it for while. I kept hoping the mom would make the kid stop, but she didn't. Finally, while the kid was pushing the seatback with his feet, I just whacked the seatback with my elbow as hard as I could. Then he stopped.

Don't these parents pay attention to what their kids are doing? He was at it for quite a while. She should have seen it and told him to stop.
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Originally Posted by rainshower

But I'd say:

Airline: 1

Ellie: oh probably 365 X 100 or so X 3

Mom, Dad: 0
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