Would you apply for a job you're not 100% qualified for?

I'm job hunting and I'm seeing lots of positions that I'm about 75-90% qualified for. I want my new job to be challenging and to teach me something I don't already know, so should I be applying for these types of positions, or do you think employers prefer that you meet 100% of the requirements in the job listing?


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Is anyone ever 100% qualified? If the position looks interesting to you go for it. Pay attention to what the company is looking for, and play up your strengths accordingly. You can always pick up the rest on the job.
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Is anyone ever 100% qualified? If the position looks interesting to you go for it. Pay attention to what the company is looking for, and play up your strengths accordingly. You can always pick up the rest on the job.
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The job I have now I wasn't 100% qualified for. During the interview process, I met with a recruiter first, and she went down a line of questions, asking me to grade my experience on things, scale of 1 to 5, 1 being not much experience. I answered 1 on several things. They still hired me, and now I have been trained on those items that I answered 1 for. It will help when I go to apply for my next job.
I'd still try for the position, if the areas where you are not qualified you know you could still excel in after a little experience and training (even if that means training on your own time, such as buying books on your own). It seems to me that most job postings are really like wish lists...the company wants someone to have all those skills, but lots of time they are not all mandatory to start in the position!
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Usually, if you are 100% qualified, you are overqualified as well.

Companies like people that are willing to learn and broaden their skills. So not having 100% of the qualifications but close seems reasonable to me.
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If I don't have the "must have" requirements. For the most part, I won't apply.

Just a little story - In the process hiring someone, I got an applicant that has great experience but she doesn't have 1 of the required items. She mentioned straight off the bat that she's taking classes and has resources to learn X skill in time for when the position is actually open.

That type of person I'll consider because it shows that a) they know how to read a job description and b) they're willing to take initiative on their own to do what's needed.
I would definitely apply to these jobs. I believe in aiming high. When you get to the interview, you can discuss the qualifications further, elaborate on your skill set, and show them that you are willing to learn from and grow with the position. Ultimately, the employer will decide if you are the right fit, but you have nothing to lose by trying.
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yes i have and will continue to. the reason is because most companies make the positions sound greater than they really are to get someone to fill it. then they slap a salary range on it so that you are looking at the high end wondering if it could be over your head, but realize that you are either perfect for the job, or so overqualified that a chimpanzee could do it with his eyes shut on the first try.

i definitely wouldn't lie about my skills, because lying about what you know how to do will always come back to bite you in the arse!

but i will emphasize what i do know and how my past job experience is parallel with what the job's duties are.
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I once applied for a job in a Tailor/alterations shop with my only experience being interest in sewing and getting an A in home ec. apparently the wanted someone with little or no experience that they could train themselves. I never thought I'd get the job, but did. You never know, the worse they can tell you is no right?
I would definitely say go for it if you have 75% or more of what they are seeking.

I have hired people that didn't have 100% of the job qualifications but they had demonstrated that they were highly motivated and interested during the interview process.

I too was not exactly what my company was looking for when I hired on, but I persisted and they hired me eventually. I'd like to think that it has worked out well for all concerned .
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I had this convo with my BF and then a HR director as my company. A lot of times, those descriptions are incorrect, written by someone who doesn't know the job, copied over from some where else, etc.

I also recruit so I know that resumes I receive for the same position can very greatly.

And if you get the interview, PLEASE don't focus on the skills you don't have.

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