Applying for jobs you're OVERqualified for?

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I'd like some advice on my career situation. I have a 4-year general business degree. I've been working as a secretary for about a year. I have no aspirations to be higher up than that. I don't even like working as many hours as I am now; my expenses are low, and I'd prefer to work part-time. My job however, requires that I work full-time. I've been applying for part-time jobs here and there. I have an interview tomorrow at a retail store. The problem is, how do I explain what I want to do? I have qualifications and experience that don't figure into what I'm applying for very well. I can't very well tell them that, well, my job is boring and I just don't want an 8-5 lifestyle. I do like retail, but ideally, I'd not work at all outside the home. My boyfriend and I are discussing moving in together and marriage - he doesn't think I should work at all if I don't want to, and is willing to support that, but I do want to keep a job. I'm used to working and what if things with my boyfriend don't work out. I'm not expecting that, but things don't always go as planned.

How do I make out my objective on my resume. I have a secretarial resume that has some crap in it about wanting to build my way up in the business field. There's also an elephant in the room with me being my age and a woman. If I say I want to work part-time only, that's a red flag that I'm planning on giving up work altogether to be make babies. I plan to do that eventually, but not in the near future. How do I get around these things in an interview? I know if they're professional, they should stick to basic questions, but you'd be surprised at some of things I've been asked before.
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for starters, you could create a functional resume that simply lists your past employers and your basic responsibilities with each, specifically those duties that would parallel to the ones you'd use in the job you are applying for.

check part-time on your application when you come to the question about the hours you are seeking.

if asked about why you aren't using your degree, or why you only want part-time hours, just say that part-time employment is most suitable to your lifestyle and other committments.

if the interviewer persists in knowing all the details, that's when you snatch off your earrings, lube up your face with vaseline, take your shoes off, and jump on the table saying, "why you all up in mines?"

seriously, if you use an objective on your resume, say something like: to be part of a customer service team that will allow me to contribute my organizational and communication skills and interact with the public
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