Another "Bored at work" thread...

Title says it all! I "work" for the performing arts office at my school and I've been sitting in the tiny box office for two hours so far with absolutely nothing to do. Haven't sold one ticked, spoken to another person, anything... Thank goodness I have a computer in here! Two more hours to go...

Also, I was checking my bank account statement online and figured out that the bookstore here has charged me twice for the same (expensive) book. Of course I can't fix it until I get off work but the book store is closed then. Worthless job...

Anyone else bored/miserable at work today?
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Im bored and stir-crazy at home, trying very hard to ignore my 2 sons who are trying really hard not to nap. Im doped up on pain medicences from a dental procedure the other day, I can't focas on anything for more then a minute, today is the first day I dont feel like I got hit by a truck, and I already finished my house work, and now I can't find anything to do, and i cant sit still long enough to do anything, i couldn't sit still long enough to write this post. it just goes to show you, drugs and posting dont mix.

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