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I interviewed at a place a couple of years ago. I got a call back saying that I wasn't needed for that job, but they had another in mind. Interviewed for that, didn't make it past the first round.

Then, like a crazy person, I've applied for jobs there every year since. I even sent them a holiday card the year they didn't want me for those two jobs.

A temp service now is trying to get someone for one of those jobs. They don't use names, but I know who it is. Should I submit my resume? If the company grants me an interview, and then finds out who I am, they'll think I'm insane, right?
No, but they may think you are persistent, that you really want to work for that company, and they may be flattered.
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I don't think so, but your question was funny to me.
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Possibly, but if you need a job you have nothing to lose.
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Join Date: Oct 2003
Posts: 4,210
About a year ago, the last time I called to follow up on something I had sent in, I got such a weird reception on the phone. Like they knew my voice. Maybe it was the caller id on the phone. They were like, "Slinky? Yeah we got it. We don't want YOU. Get the picture." I'm so sensitive, though. But, I'm still probably on to something in a way.


I sent them a holiday card to thank them for taking the time to review my resume, AND interview me for two different jobs there. They were very generous with their time with me...gave me a good shot.

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