Photographers: Permission to take candid pictures?

I was wondering, if I wanted to take pictures of random people walking down the street, do I have to ask permission?

Does anyone know the rules about taking pictures and publishing them?
If you are going to publish a photo of someone, you should get a consent form signed by them

Obviously, people don't always do that

To take candids on the street that you aren't going to publish, you don't need to ask permission--in fact that will usually ruin the shot because people act differently if they know they are on camera

The simple and short answer is no, but that doesn't cover everything.

Public photography is a widely debated topic with a lot of nuances.

Here is a link to a PDF about photographers' rights:

Here you can find information about privacy rights:

Here is an article about a lawsuit pertaining to selling art that contains a recognizable person from whom permission had not been obtained. The judge found in favor of the photographer in this case:
If I saw my picture published without permission, I think I would sue these people. And even if a person is not going to publish these photos, I'll still have the same reaction. Taking pictures of people without permission is really a big deal where I am.
Sara, with all due respect there is a difference between what would be legal and what someone likes or dislikes.

frau, I didn't directly answer your second question. If you are "publishing" and using the images for editorial use and not for advertisement then in general it is okay. There are certainly exceptions to any rule, so if you plan to publish, do your homework first (and IMO, get written consent when you can to try to avoid any lawsuits).

ETA- Obviously I am talking about US law.
naturalt??? wow, good to see you're still around. are you pursuing photography as a career?

i guess i wouldn't want to see my pictures randomly taken without my permission either, but i would really like to capture the moment as is.

thank you for the links.
Hi frau . Photography is my full time job. I am a wedding and portrait photographer here in Denver.

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