Surgery And Nausea

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I just had gallbladder surgery this past Wednesday (lap choley) and am having terrible nausea after I eat anything. Even water and Saltine crackers are giving me nausea. Does anyone have any recommendations for solving this? I've felt rotten for three days, ugh. Thanks for any suggestions!

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Oh that is so awful! I've been there and completely sympathize with you Can you call your doctors office, tell them what going through, and ask if they can call in an anti-naurea medication to your pharmacy? First one that comes to mind is Zofran.

Also, try some ginger ale, but stir it with a spoon to remove some of the carbonation. I hope you feel better soon!
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I second giving your doctor a call and getting an anti-emetic. Rather than ginger ale, Try a few slices of fresh ginger boiled in about a cup of water with just a bit of sugar. Strain the ginger out then drink it like a tea.

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No ideas, but just wanted to say I'm so sorry and I hope you feel better soon.
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You are beautiful!
Thanks everyone for the ideas and well wishes. I called my Dr & he prescribed some anti-nausea medication. My husband said he'll pick it up on the way home along with some ginger. The only soda I drink is ginger ale (when I do drink soda) but I was scared of the carbonation. Hopefully I will get this licked today, I'm hungry LOL! I appreciate everything. 

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i'm so sorry.

i was wanted to suggest that when you want to try to eat, try plain rice, no salt no butter. if you are able to hold that down, you can move on to dry toast. also you can give ginger snaps a try. ginger is a naturally remedy for nausea.

hope you feel better.
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I forgot to suggest the BRAT diet, as well...feel better soon!
I feel for you! I get horrible nausea after surgeries. I hope the meds make you feel better, and the ginger tea and/or cookies and toast. Feel better soon!

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Update: So my Dr. had me come to the office instead of a prescription. A sonogram and HIDA scan later, I was DX'd with Pancreatitis! It's typically not found in people my age, and especially those who don't consume alcohol like me, but I've got it. So it's a liquid diet & lots of new medications. My Dr. thinks my gallbladder was so inflamed it caused it. Thank goodness for my Dr. being proactive. This could have been worse.

Thanks ladies for everything. As soon as I can eat again, it's the BRAT diet and lots of broth. I look forward to food in a few days. 

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I had pancreatitis from a bout of cholecystitis from gallstones. It was horrible, extremely painful, and made me so nauseus I couldn't stop vomitting. I spent a week in the hospital on IV antibiotics. But I was very pregnant at the time and they didn't want to remove my gallbladder and stones due to the pregnancy. I did get better though and never had another problem from it. I hope you feel better soon!
I'm so sorry! My doctor told me to suck on small pieces of ice. Supposedly it numbs your throat and reduces the nausea.

I hope you feel much, much better soon!!!
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Wow...what were your symptoms?
I felt like I couldn't breathe and had an elephant sitting on me.
Also could not lie on my back and had pressure up in the epigastric area and to the left I hurt.
I had bile come up and a bit of diarrhea.
Hope you feel better soon!
btw...I didn't want surgery and when I asked the ER doc what she thought, since she knew my background, she said what do you think? I said pancreatitis. She said I think so
My symptoms are/were: nausea, vomiting, chest pain and a burning sensation throughout my chest, back and into my armpits. I knew something was wrong. My brother had a lap choley a year ago and felt great after two days. I kept getting worse.

I think my Dr. was covering all bases yesterday. Originally he prescribed the nausea medication, then called me to his office to evaluate me and sent me for more testing. He first thought my gall duct may be leaking. That's why I had another sonogram and HIDA scan. My pancreas, which I never thought I'd have problems with, ended up being inflamed. Apparently it's a common issue when you have gallbladder issues, which I didn't know.

I finally got the anti-nausea medication, different pain pills and a new clear liquid diet (yay, with sarcasm) until my scheduled surgery follow-up appointment Monday.

I don't regret getting my gallbladder removed. I've had terrible pain for the past year. I also gained 60 lbs because all I could eat were carbs. It's been awful.

Yay to feeling better! Soon, I hope. 

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