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Anyone a fan of gizzards?

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Didn't say I was, just sayin'...
I used to LOVE gizzards when I was a kid! One summer, at my cousins' farm, I was there when they killed chickens, and my job was to rinse the grain out of the gizzards. I mentioned how much I loved them, so their mom cooked them all up for me. After 20-some gizzards, I'm not such a fan.
Minneapolis, MN
Oh, well then I just called you a freak for nothing.
Never even tried them. I wouldn't know how to cook them, and now that I am up north I have not seen them on any menus anywhere.
My Grandma used to cook them up for my grandfather all the time. She used to buy the "Hearts and Gizzards" pack at the grocery store. I never tried them because they looked kinda gross, now I wish I had.
Love them. We saute hearts and gizzards (and necks too) with a little olive oil and lots of garlic. We call them "chicken steak". No idea why. They make a great movie night snack.
Off to the store to get some!
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I use them for giblet gravy...I'd never eat or cook them plain.
Fried Gizzards...HELL to the YES!! YUMMY! There is a hole in the wall restaurant/bar around my hometown that is known for their gizzards.
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Y'all are nassee. Ew.

That being said..hell to tha naw! I grew up in GA but I'm just not down with gizzards.

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Love gizzards. My mom used to make them w/red pepper paste, green onions, jalapenos and serve it w/rice. It was sooooooo good. She always put her korean touch on everything she cooked....made it so much nicer! We always called them 'hot gizzards' and my friends would beg me to ask my mom to make it for them!

ETA: Love 'em fried too! My dad made the best!
where's that vomitting smiley? YUCK! My grandma used to use them in her stuffing and I always hated it. No thanks!

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Love them! We're always fighting over the pupik when we have roast chicken at our house.
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