Very Disturbing: Honor Killing of Virgin

As long as I live I will never understand that.
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Down w/ the double standards...
It disturbs me that a father would be so obsessed with his daughter's sex life that he would kill her to protect the family "honor". It smacks of jealousy (like something a spurned lover would do) not honor.
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Sad. This type of stuff will not end til women in that country stand up and demand their rights and to no longer be treated like property and chattel.
I found it disturbing that the results of her autopsy showing she was still a virgin were released to the public. Even in death, she was judged by the state of her hymen. No privacy. No common decency. No respect. No rights.
this nauseates me. it stupefies me that this sort of mindset still exists, but it shouldn't. it's the sort of thing that eats away at your hopeful side. the trouble is, in many places, an act like this - or at the very least the attitudes that are at the root of it - are the norm rather than the exception. i wish the women's movement had a dr. king.

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From the article:

But attempts to introduce harsher sentences have been blocked by conservative lawmakers who argue that tougher penalties would lead to promiscuity.

I'm not surprised, but I'm still disgusted. Men do it and slide by. Women do it (or not) and are killed.
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As if Virginity is really that important. Countries that are stuck in the 10th century scare me.

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it boils my blood when i read things like this. i want to do something, but i can barely help memebers of my own family from doing things i disapprove of....
thank you for posting the article.
This happens all the time.
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I've also read that it's common to punish a man who has committed a crime by imprisoning or even killing a female relative who has done absolutely nothing wrong. Makes my blood boil.
One of my anthropology professors has a couple of stories about honor killings on his website:

Family Honor and Abuse
>A conversation with an Afghan woman in St Louis who has been working in a clinic that seeks to help people recover from the trauma of war in their home countries. Many of the women have indeed been deeply traumatized by events that took place in their homeland. My contact has been surprised, however, at how many of the Afghan women have been traumatized by their own relatives. Events behind the compound walls can be deeply wounding. An example: A Pushtun woman from one of the eastern provinces had resisted allowing herself to be tattooed, a practice required of married women in that region. Eventually her husband’s family, with whom she was living, lost patience with her and forced her to be tattooed. Her mother-in-law bound her hands and they restrained her as they tattooed the telltale marks on her face – four dots on her forehead and dots above and below her lips. The instrument was apparently septic and it caused her face to swell up; she was unable to eat for days. She survived but was deeply shaken by the ordeal. In her clinical sessions here she repeatedly expressed remorse and shame that she was tattooed. Eventually, the clinician came to realize how deeply the experience was to her, and was able to arrange for the tattoo to be removed by cosmetic surgery.

>When I was living in Kabul in the 1950s I was single and fresh out of college. Across the street lived a family with three children, about the ages of 13, 12, 11. The 11 year old was a very pretty girl, I thought. The father was a lower echelon diplomat in the Foreign Ministry; he had in fact been assigned to Washington for a couple of years; I remember his explaining to me how perceptive Muhammad had been to forbid the consumption of pork, as it turned out to be especially vulnerable to disease in hot climates. After I left Kabul I lost track of the family. Years later I met a young woman of the same name as the pretty 11 year old daughter of the diplomat I had known across the street in Kabul. I happened to ask her if she could have known that girl, as they were about the same age. She said she did know her and told me what had happened to her: She had gone to Kabul University after graduating from high school and there she fell in love with a young man and they eloped. Eventually she returned home to see her family. With her in the house her father turned up the stereo so that the neighbors would not hear what he would do, and he then shot her dead. Family honor.

OMG. How awful.

I've heard of this happening in some parts of India and Pakistan. I'm not sure but I'm sure there have been cases of this happening in the UK as well.

I will never understand the thinking behind it.
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Honor killings and female castration. These are 2 things that I will never understand about different cultures. Never.
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I'm not going to defend the man for murdering, but I do want to explain WHY they think killing is the solution, being Middle Eastern and knowing how people think, I know what the murderer was thining.

Whoever just mentioned something about virginity not being important, I don't know if you've heard of this but losing your virginity before marriage is one of the biggest sins, and people in the ME take traditions and religion pretty seriously.

Now in Islam, there is a punishment for premarital sex, but people feel that that punishment isn't going to do anyhting for their "honor" so they kill.

In the ME, a man will almost never marry a woman if she's not a virgin (except if she was married before). And marriage is pretty important. Almost every man and woman want to get married. This girl who lost her virginity ruined the chance for her sisters/cousins/even brothers to get married because this family is a "bad" family.

Now that's not the important thing. The important thing is that the family's reputation will be *****. What I mean by ***** is that when the father enters a cofee shop, people will stare, people will laugh, people will look at him in disgust. It means when his brother goes to his college or school his friends will make fun of him because his sister's a slut, and that his mother is probably one too and her father's probably a p!mp. And when her sister goes to her school/college/whatever, all her friends will run away from her so that they won't get a bad reputation by sitting with her. She'll be walking and everyone would be whispering/laughing...etc at her. Guys would pass by and say really rude comments. Do you know how a person gets a bad reputation for being a terrorist in the US, and everyone runs away from them? Well, it's the same thing if a girl slept with a guy without marriage. Even if the man moves away to another continent, people will still talk about him.

So what does this man do to prove to people that he does not accept his daughter's behavior and so that his other daughters and sons may have a chance in marriage?

He kills his daughter.

So that even if he'll go to jail and spend the rest of his life there, maybe his sons'friends won't say that his mother a prostitute and that his daughter will have friends.

Again, I'm not defending him, what he did was wrong, but I'm trying to explain why people think certain ways. However weird they are.
Oh yes, I would also like to add that if the "conservative lawmakers" were as religious as they thought they were, they would need to kill the father also, since the punishment for murdering without reason in Islam is death.
Thank you for sharing that sarasara. Obviously I don't agree with that line of thinking though.

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