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I've never been a fan of her parents' kind of music, but I've always been curious about how Frances will do with having had the upbringing she had. I felt bad for her, but she seems to be doing alright. I saw these pics recently and was like wow - she looks like a totally different person!
Courtney Love's Daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, Glams Up for New Pictures :

Maybe a part of it is just maturing as she's only in her early 20's now, and it's obvious she's lost some weight which would change her looks some but... I'm not knocking cosmetic surgery and I'm not coming down on her, but I am just curious about how she got from A to B. I would not have recognized her. Any thoughts? She looks great, and I hope she continues to do well.
Yes, plastic surgery. Nose job and lip injections, definitely. Not sure what else.
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^^ Yup, I looked more at past pics, not just recent past, but childhood, and def a nose job and lip injections. I thought some of it was natural because she looks more like her mom now, but not really. Maybe she got tired of looking so much like her dad. I know what that's like to be dead person walking. I'm the spitting image of my late aunt, and I can tell it pains some of my family members just to look at me and be reminded of her. I hope Frances doesn't regret the changes when she's older, though.
I think its just fine nice photo adjusting. I saw those pictures and then saw some other pictures after and she didn't look so different from normal.

Shes such a mix of her parents.

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I agree with Iroc. It looks like a mixture of hair and makeup with photo retouching. Frances always looks like a feminine version of her father when I see her. Considering that a lot of people idolized her father, a man she never knew, I can see her not liking her face, although she grew up to be an attractive young lady. And surprisingly, she grew up to be quite well-adjusted, considering Courtney Love seems to be emotionally unstable. And yes, I realize that someone else mainly raised Frances - not Courtney.
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Another article I saw had more of the photos from that shoot and yeah she looked more like "herself" in those. I def think she had some work done though because her lips were always very thin and her nose was more rounded and flat. I do think more of her mom has shown up in her in recent years, though, so that's partly why she looks so different. MCC, her mom had custody of her at some points in her life. It seems like she was always involved in custody disputes with Kurt's parents.
Yup, plastic surgery/cosmetic treatments for sure. She always had much thinner lips. I don't think you can gain weight in your lips and lighting certainly can't do all that. I'm not knocking her for it, it's hard, being that society is so judgmental of women's looks, and the way we look seriously does effect our chances/outcomes in life, especially if you're in entertainment. But also kinda sad to me that someone so young who looked just fine would feel she needs to change her looks. More importantly though, I hope she is doing well.
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I don't believe she's had plastic surgery. I've seen numerous pics in her early years and early teens and her nose looks pretty much the same. She was significantly overweight when she was younger which made her face seem very filled out and moon shaped. When a person is overweight and it goes to their face like that..they can look incredibly different once they lose a lot of weight. And goodness knows she lost a lot.

Now that she's lost that weight you can see her bone structure much better but that's the same. Her lips on the other hand.. are indeed fuller. I don't know if it's the overdrawn lip liner or some filler..they are the same shape as when she was a younger though. They are just much fuller now.

More than her looks though..I'm just glad to see she was able to get away from her ridiculous mother and live with her grandmother. She obviously doesn't want any part in her mother's foolishness...which is good. Clearly, she doesn't want to follow in her folks footsteps.
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At least she isn't the usual uninteresting looking, cookie-cutter 20 year old. And it looks like she still has her real boobs.
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