Monogamy - an adult discussion

I am all about choice. I think as adults we need to weigh our decisions and act accordingly. Here is an interesting article that I just came across:

I don't necessarily believe that the article is solely about monogamy, but I thought this would be the better place to bring it up.
Originally Posted by three rivers curly
I agree with you TRC that monogamy is a choice.

However, this article openly bashes the ACLU, feminism and liberalism, which bothers me a great deal and seems reactionary and unnecessary to the ultimate, other points raised. Those other points are quite good so it was worth a read despite the obvious and glaring socially conservative spin. Also, the article is also now almost 7 years old, so the figures are probably worse now than presented.

Grecian curls, I have to respectfully disagree. Even though it can be more emotionally fulfilling to just have 1 partner and only to have ever had 1 partner, there is much to be said about learning about ones desires and pleasures (and the desires and pleasures of your partner) from more than 1 person.
"Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people."

"I think that somehow, we learn who we really are and then we live with that decision."
- Eleanor Roosevelt (both quotes)

(taking a break from posting starting late august 2009)
DC - I read just about anything that I can get my hands on. I like things that are thought provoking, they don't necessarily have to be things that I agree with. I actually like things that I don't agree with, they bring up options I have yet to consider.

It was interesting, though.
Better everyone think your a fool, than to open your mouth and prove them right.

Perception is not reality.

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