Living in Europe - where?

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sweeden has the highest standard of living in the world.
We have relatives in Croatia, and my mom has been there. It sounds just wonderful!

She did say that everyone knew they were American, because they had grey hair. All the Croatian women dye their hair.
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My father's family is Croation. I am hoping to visit either this fall or next. It sounds incredibly beautiful and it looks like it's close to Venice which we didn't get to when we were in Italy, so the plan is to spend a couple of days in Venice as part of the trip to Croatia.
I moved back from Living in England for four years. Been back three years now ack! Miss it so much. Also lived in Germany for a year before that.
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You can take a boat from Porec in Croatia to Venice. You get there in 2 hours You can also take the train but it goes much slower. Also in Croatia you can travel by quick train (1-2 stops) or local train (stop at every town and village) It is much cheaper and enjoyable if you are not in a hurry.
Huh. I speak French decently so it would be more realistic for me to live there somewhere...maybe Nice? I can totally see myself by those beaches....

I went on a tour of Western Europe as part of a diplomacy program for high school students and my favorite city was BARCELONA!!! I loved everything about it!!! I would have to learn Spanish, though.

I will feel like a traitor to "the motherland" if I don't say Dublin.

I've heard great things about Austria and Switzerland, too...

How am I to decide?? :P
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I have been to Spain, The Netherlands, Germany, Hungary, Check Republic, France, Luxemburg, Andorra, Cyprus, Greece, Denmark, Norway, Sweden (of course)...and from all of those I can imagine Denmark, Norway (I have lived there already) and Spain. Sweden doesn't really count when I am from there. The Netherlands was really nice too but the language is different enough that it would probably scare me off.
i think i could imagine living in spain.

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London, Sheffield, or Cardiff. If I were to live anywhere in Europe it would have to be the UK.
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May I ask, why Sheffield?
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My husband and I always talk about how great it would be to live in Europe. I want to go so badly, but I don't believe it's a place you can "vacation" in. To me, vacation sounds like a typical 2 week stint, and to really experience Europe, the people, and the cultures, you'd really need to spend a couple of months there. I'd love to travel to anywhere in Europe, but to live, I'd probably pick the UK.
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Portugal. It's the friendliest and most pleasant place I've been of everywhere in Europe.

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