Loose=not tight. Lose=the opposite of to gain. Just sayin'.

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I thought 'walla' was just a play on 'voila' that became its own term.

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Originally Posted by iroc
That's what happened here. Someone said "wallah!" by accident and the rest of us picked it up. At least that's why I say it; I can't speak for Gekko.

Another one that people say/write is mineswell instead of might as well. That one makes me scratch my head.
Originally Posted by mrspoppers
I was just speaking generally, not about nc.com in particular. I never knew there was any "inside joke" about it here on this website.
Originally Posted by LAwoman
I meant generally.

I think mrspoppers was just adding thats how it evolved here.

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I had a manager that would continuously say, "posed to" instead of "opposed to". Drove me nuts!

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The word is ridiculous, not rediculous. Just saying.
I've given a lot of thought to why it is that our general ability to use English correctly has declined so drastically. I am 51 years of age, so I grew up without a cell phone or computer. I used REAL carbon paper when drafting up office memos that were written by hand. I used a dictaphone for the girls in the typing pool to type my letters. I may have written to a few pen pals by old fashioned mail through Canada Post. I did not spend several hours a week writing about my thoughts or opinions on a particular subject.. writing was not something many people did for fun or creativity. I realize I was exposed to the written words of only a few people who were not professionals.

We are now exposed to the writing of MANY, MANY different people, outside of our peer groups and professions. People who, perhaps, had better skill sets at other subjects in school. We get to blatantly see how well these people were taught how to spell in school. We didn't get to see much before.

I would guess, too, that spelling is just not as important to teachers anymore.

Even though I understand all this, it still DRIVES ME CRAZY when I see grammar and spelling mistakes that show, so obviously, the ignorance or the blatant disregard of the writer. I wonder, why the hell, if the person KNOWS that they are not spelling correctly, that they would put their words out there, for all to see. Why would they not care to use words correctly so that their statements can be taken seriously? What is the point of writing if the reader is looking at you as either not well educated or a lazy ass?
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The only time I get pissed is when it's some a$$ who wants to be ULTRA intelligent and is using bad grammar/spelling. Racists, condescending people, and let's not forget the "Jesus said" crowd. The worse with telling you how stupid/unsaved you are.. And just messin' up the whole conversation.

If you're trying to make me look dumb... Don't look DUMBER!


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