Rude or not?

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I don't call or text anyone after 9 p.m or before 9 a.m. on week nights unless it's someone I know will be up or it's extremely important. On the weekend I try not to call until 10 a.m. or later.

Yes, you can set most devices to silent, but if I forget to do it and a text comes in at 4 a.m. and wakes me, I'm no less pissed - I sleep very lightly, and everyone who knows me knows I have sleep issues, so if they have any consideration, they should know better, LOL!
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I agree with the general consensus that it's rude because you asked her not to. To me it's disrespectful to blatantly ignore someone's specific request like that, and a pet peeve of mine from dealing with passive aggressive people.

In general, I don't think it's rude to text any time. But I often put down and ignore my phone for hours even while awake.

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For me, texting is akin to email. At the same time, my phone doesn't do anything spectacular when i get a text. It did use to chime B4 i changed the settings. So, it would never be considered rude to send a text at any hour. However, if you were forewarned not to then that certainly would be rude.
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My phone doesn't make any sounds when I get an email, and the only time I mute my phone is at the movies. This one friend used to text me early in the morning (7ish) just before my alarm would go off, drove me nuts! I need those extra few minutes, hahaha.
Yeah, it would bother me, but most people aren't intentionally rude. I don't see it as a big deal. She probably has friends she calls at that hour and can't keep all of your work schedules straight. Just tell her again not to do it and I'm sure it won't happen again.

Life doesn't revolve around me - there's always going to be calls coming in at times that are inconvenient for me. I keep my cell phone off on hours I don't want to be called. Only a few people have my home phone, and will call that if there's an emergency.
I agree that when you ask someone to respect something you've asked of them and they don't, it's rude.

However, having established that it's rude FOR SURE in this case since you requested her to change her behavior and she didn't, it's also a little bit of an age thing I think? Is there any chance she's younger than you? I know I and my peers don't see anything wrong with middle-of-the-night texts or when-I-know-you'll-be-asleep texts (I try not to but sometimes I have to say whatever it is RIGHT THEN ) but someone, say, five, ten years older (not to mention twenty or thirty) might not see it that way.
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ITA, it's rude because you asked her not to.

But, I don't know what kind of phones you guys have. Mine lets me turn off text and email chimes/notifications.
I just want to do what I want to do when I want to do it.
ITA, it's rude because you asked her not to.

But, I don't know what kind of phones you guys have. Mine lets me turn off text and email chimes/notifications.
Originally Posted by midgi
Mine does too. I have an evo.

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I can turn off texting or make it silent. But why should I have to turn it off every night and on every day?
Lucky for me, my family and friends (including the much younger ones) save their calls and texts for between 10am and 10pm (unless it's something important). And I do the same for them, unless they request something else.
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It is rude in this case.

My rules are no calling before 7am (I am the last to get up and like a few minutes of peace) and no calling after 9pm. That's usually bath, snack, and settling in for the night. I stay up later than my husband and son but I am quiet as to not wake them up. I go to bed hours after everyone else.
Definitely rude because you asked her not to text you so early.

I have had two friends get snippy with me for texting them too late at night when they were sleeping and had their phones near them. Honestly, that made me roll my was I supposed to know?

I have a 10 AM-10 PM for some people (no calling before 10 AM or after 10 PM), but since so many of my friends don't work 9-5 jobs (actors/artists that work odd jobs), they don't fit in that rule.
To echo most of the others here, yes it's rude because she blatantly disregarded your request.

However, this is why I always keeps my texts on silent.
To echo most of the others here, yes it's rude because she blatantly disregarded your request.

However, this is why I always keeps my texts on silent.
Originally Posted by LAwoman
Yeah, I have my phone permanently set to silent, for texts. I get enough throughout the day that it's really annoying to hear it go off every time. So, now it's on silent all the time. I check my phone enough that it's not an issue.

Actually, I keep my ringer on silent, too. But I should probably change that.

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It's rude. When people ask you not to do something, and you do it anyway, you're being an a$$. If you know your friend is likely asleep, and you text, knowing she can't leave her phone on silent, you're being an a$$.

It's a common mistake. I've done it not thinking I may be waking them up. Then again, we all turn our ringers/phones off when we sleep. So... But if they asked me not to text before/after a certain time, I'd respect that.


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