Ever heard of Affluenza?

My husband's company is offering a seminar on Affluenza and it sounds really interesting to me. I've never heard this term used before, but I do believe it affects a lot of families. Do you know any families like this?

Here is the memo he received:

*** ******'s Medical Department has partnered with the NYU Center for Corporate Wellness to provide our employees with a unique educational program that focuses on "Affluenza", a condition that is contributing to the break down of American families. Affluenza is the term used to explain the unique problems that occur when children view the acquisition of material goods as a measure of their worth at the expense of other sources of self-esteem and contentment. It is not confined to the wealthy, but in fact is a "disorder" among parents and children across all socio-economic and cultural backgrounds.

Ask Yourself…Is this my child?

* Unable to delay gratification or tolerate frustration

* Difficulty maintaining interest in anything requiring effort

* False sense of entitlement

* Low self esteem and loss of self-confidence

* Preoccupation with material goods

The seminar will be presented by Kimberly Williams, Psy.D, a Pediatric Neuropsychology Fellow at the NYU Child Study Center. Kimberly co-authored an article on Affluenza in a recent newsletter sent out by the NYU Child Study Center. You can visit their site by going to www.aboutourkids.org.

Come learn 10 effective strategies to stop the cycle of "Affluenza". The seminar will be presented on Tuesday, January 30, 2007 from 12pm - 1pm in Auditorium B. If you are interested in attending this seminar, please e-mail ***** *****, R.N.
I know many families like this. It's becoming more and more common.
This seminar sounds very interesting. And, I learned a new term.
Yep. Has anyone ever seen the MTV show My Super Sweet Sixteen? Classic affluenza (great term! I'd never heard it). These teens are sickeningly narcissistic and materialistic.

I've heard about that show from my younger sister.

My son is definitely becoming aware of name brands. I have no idea how he knows about all the different name brands of sneakers. He has two pairs of Nike sneakers I purchased for him, at the beginning of the school year. Now he's asking for Skechers Z-Straps? Geoxx sneakers? I'm not sure if the kids are comparing notes at school or if he's just getting this from commercials.
That's very interesting.

I saw a study once, where they found the average 3 year old American kid could recognize 20 brand logos - including of course McDonalds and Nintendo and others. I never would have believed that.
There's actually a book that I read for an english class (college) called Affluenza...It's a really good book for those who are interested in this topic. Here is the book on Amazon:


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Yes. In college 8 years ago.
This was the topic for one of the radio shows I produced about 6 years ago. V. interesting topic
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Sounds like a form of the flu
So M~ likes shoes too...
Sounds like a form of the flu
Originally Posted by WileECoyote - Daddy's grl
I thought the same thing until I opened the thread.

My son didn't used to have a want for what others have. I see him being easily frustrated & not able to wait for something, as well as giving up on things that he thinks are too difficult. His dad & I aren't like this, ETA: and we don't give in to his "demands", so I don't know what's going on nor where he got it.
Excellent information. Thank you for passing it on. One of my friends from high school has a severe case of this. Due to my lack of shame, I am going to pass it on to her with a small explanation.
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