Contradictory Instructions for Job Searching

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I am actively searching for work and I noticed that alot of companies I apply to online send an automatic notification that says that they will contact YOU if they are interested and NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE, yet articles are stating that new grads need to be more active in their job searches this day in age and that simply applying online is not suffice and that you should follow up with a phone call?? It's all very contradictory. What is the proper way to land a job!
I really think it's all a conspiracy. I think companies already have someone in mind for the position and they advertise just for the hell of it.

I followed up with emails on the NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE positions. One emailed back a week later apologizing for the delayed response, told me I had an outstanding resume and application package, but unfortunately the positions were filled.

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Unfortunately, Midgi is probably right to a large extent. Many big companies have to advertise for equal opportunity and other reasons, even if they have someone in mind for the position.

It stands to reason that if a co. wants you, they'll contact you. However, you don't lose much by calling them - what's the worst that can happen, except you are wasting your time.

Some better ways to land a job are through contacts (I'm sure you know that already) and applying to positions that are listed in journals relevant to the field you are interested in.

What field or area of work interests you? Have you taken advantage of your school's placement services?

I wish you all the good luck in the world! I know how hard it is with the economy in the mess that it is in.
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If they say not to call, don't call. I would not be happy AT ALL if everyone who applied started calling me about a job opening. That would mean more than 100 people bugging me when only 6 or 8 of them will even get phone screens by HR. Multiply that number by all the positions that HR is recruiting for and, more likely than not, you'll just piss somebody off.

That said, if you know anyone who works at the company where you're applying or you have some sort of in, you should definitely use those leads. While I don't want random people calling me, I appreciate referrals by people I trust. Use LinkedIn to your advantage.

Unfortunately, Midgi's right to a certain extent. I hired for two marketing coordinator positions simultaneously last fall and we advertised them externally. However, I never even interviewed any external candidates. I had an overwhelming response internally from people who didn't even work in the marketing department. They had mostly taken customer service jobs "to get by" during the economic downturn so they had the trifecta of experience--marketing, our company, and the industry. Win-win-win.
It sucks though, because I waste my precious time revamping my resume to suit the position, filling out the applications, taking assessments, and writing cover letters for jobs that have no intention of even considering any of it. Not to mention, every rejection is a blow to the ego and my overall self-esteem.

All I want is an entry-level position. I'm not asking to make 6 figures. I'll be content with making just above poverty level, pushing papers and doing blitch work so long as it gets my foot in the door. I just want one chance, but it seems like I can't even get that.

I'm looking into joining Americorps and taking a few grad courses. Maybe that will help, or at least it'll buy me some time.
If what i knew now, I new ten, five years ago. I would had done something like americorp or other non-profit/ volunteer work to help put my resume or even with networking.

i got my current position because of connections. instead of hiring new people they try to move people around where needed. but the best way to get hired at my job is to know someone so you can send a resume directly.

Good luck, and dont give up!!! you'll find a job. I am also looking for another job, and havent found anything, but i begin volunteering for the humane society next week, and will hopefully get a chance to shadow a vet or two. I'm hoping that get led to a paying position.
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