Bleach holes in white clothes

I haven't noticed holes as much since I started using less bleach but I recently got a huge hole in one of my white thermals - a thick shirt, too! I can't bring myself to not use bleach. I like how it makes my whites feel fresher. Do brands make a difference or is there any way to prevent it from tearing fabrics? I'll do several white loads with no problem then randomly I'll get holes. I don't think I'm doing anything differently those times.
Bleach is a chemical that eats clothing. Brand doesn't matter. I don't use bleach hardly at all, because I'm cheap and want our clothes and linens to last as long as possible.

As a result of my bleach aversion, I tend not to buy too many whites. For the few whites I do have, I bleach only rarely...maybe once a year. The rest of the time, I wash in hot water, with a hot soak first, and an extra rinse. I also put white vinegar in both the wash and rinse cycle. It helps to whiten, soften, and rinse out detergent residue, so whites can look as white as possible.

If you insist on using bleach, be sure it's well-diluted before adding to your wash cycle. The holes you're experiencing are probably from direct contact with undiluted bleach.
I don't add the bleach directly to my clothes (My machine has a dispenser.), but I don't dilute it, either.

Doesn't the vinegar make your clothes stink? I don't use scented detergent so I don't know if the scent would fully go away.
Vinegar scent doesn't linger very much after rinsing, and definitely not at all after drying.
If you must bleach, I'd stop using the dispenser. As RCW says, dilute it well--then add it to the washer after it starts filling up. I purchased two washers in four years (don't ask) and the instructions for both said to use bleach only when absolutely necessary.

Also, keep in mind that the bleach that's available today is not the same as what our parents used. The old stuff was already diluted and not as likely to burn holes in your clothes. Bleach today is ultra concentrated.

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