Job Search help/ Networking

There seems to be a lot of curlies in need of a work (myself included).

I think it may help out if maybe we had a thread that could potentially help curlies find a job.

We have a thread where we pretty much vent about our job hunting, but maybe we can have one where we kinda network. maybe it will work out, maybe it won't, maybe this thread will disappear in a few hours, i'm just putting in out there .

We can post leads, connections, advice or even help people with resume/cover letter writing.

The curlie community is always helpful, so maybe out of all us unemployeed, one of us will get a job.
Sounds like a good idea. I've already had some kind advice on the other thread as well.

If anyone has started their own business/opened a shop and has any advice they'd be willing to share, that would be great. Im toying with this idea suddenly but am out of my depth tbh.

Advice on cv/cover letters for general curlies searching on here iis always great to have as well
my dad had his own business until the economy tanked. And one of my best friends mom use to have a cleaning company.

i think the first thing you need to do is know what kind of business. and is it something you are passionate about. also is there a demand for it

my dad loves house painting and home imporvement in general. so thats what his business was. it was preety much word of moouth and recommedation. it got to a point when could drive through a neighborhood and my dad had painted 1/3 of all the houses. tehn the economy taked and evveryone learned to do their own house painting. sadly my dad was not good with finance. so i think you would have to be good with finance and saving money just in case your business fails.

my friends mom had just a divorce and had 3 kids and no skills. she put an ad in the penny saver for housecleaning. after a bit things took off. after the kids grew up she went back to school for nursing. cleaning wasnt her passion but people wanted it so she was successful.

im working on my resume and cover letters as well. any advice to make it POP would be great!
I'm on jobseekers and they have a new enterprise scheme where they give you business advice/help to get you started.

I have two ideas. One is more of an online/craft fair business selling handmade leather journals. They sold well at a Xmas fair I took them to.

The other idea is way more ambitious in that I'd like to open my own bookstore.

Is there a demand for either? I'd need to look into it more. But both are things I am passionate about.
Do you have pics of them?? I see people selling theem all the time at fairs I thik that would be a big hit.

How about do both?? I love bookstores! They are dying out, put ther are still a few of us left who rather have a hardcopy of a book. The bookstores I see still going is the ones that has cafes attached or have guess speakers. My fav one in dc also has open mic nights. Less popular auothors, they have book signings there. Bigger names, michael moore, diane keaton, ect. They have at a bigger pplace. It is hard to keep a book store going but it is possible.

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