Has anyone here ever been hypnotized? Sometimes I have depression/anxiety issues and was wondering if hypnotism is good for that.

Thanks for your replies.
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I was hypnotized by a fully licensed psychiatrist who specialized in hypnotherapy. I was acting professionally and having severe stage fright. It helped me.

I was taught to do self hypnosis, which I continued to do to bolster the effect for the stage fright.

It might have some effect on anxiety, if you have a specific anxiety, like stage fright or a phobia. I kind of doubt it would work for generalized anxiety or depression, but everyone is an individual so it's possible, but I haven't heard it being widely used for that type of problem. Usually, anxiety/depression are best treated by a compassionate and competent therapist, sometimes with medication.

If you decide to see a hypnotist, please, please, please be sure you see someone who is professional. The easiest way would be to connect with a nearby hospital or university and see if you can get a recommendation. I was lucky and the person I saw was genuine but I don't think people need licenses to be a hypnotist so anyone can basically "hang out a shingle" and claim to be a hypnotist. You could easily get completely ripped off by a charlatan. Also, make sure you feel comfortable and safe - if you don't, even after the session has started - leave.

Good luck with this!
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curlypearl -

Thanks so much for the info. I do suffer from a couple of specific fears which probably adds to my anxiety - which also contributes to my depression. I usually seem to snap out of it, but this time it seems to be lingering on.

I will definitely look into what you said. Thank you for your help.
Hair Type - wavy/curly, fine texture, thin/medium density

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