Pizza Crisper?

Has anyone ever heard of a pizza crisper? A container for warming up leftover pizza in the microwave so that it will be crispy and not soft. I've tried searching google but all that comes up is a pizza pan.
You could just heat it up straight on the oven rack. It will taste much better than microwaving it(imo).
i found this:

MiracleWare Microwave Pizza Warmer with Cover

This fun and convenient microwavable pizza warmer raises slice off the cooking surface, allowing the crust to crisp while the slice reheats. Sized to fit a jumbo slice, our microwave pizza warmer can reheat up to 5 stacked slices at once -- great for feeding groups of hungry kids! For best crust results, we recommend reheating one slice at a time. 12" long, 9" wide, 3.5" tallPG040-C77$4.99
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This fun and convenient microwavable pizza warmer
I wonder what's so fun about it. :P

I usually just use the oven. Pizza warms up in no time.
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How do you warm it up in the oven? On what temperature? And for about how long? Do you think I could use a toaster oven instead?
We warm up leftover pizza in the oven all the time......put it on a cookie sheet or pizza pan (to catch drips so you won't have cheesy gunk burning in the bottom of your oven) at 400 degrees for 10 minutes, and it will be all crispy and yummy.
I use my toaster oven. I can fit two slices on that little pan the toaster oven comes with (I cover it with foil first). I heat it on 350F for maybe 10 minutes. It comes out great.

Now I want pizza.
I use my Stone to reheat pizza in the oven it crisp the crust up pretty good Stones (or atleast pampered chef ones) can me put in the microwave and they make plate sized ones that would be perfect I bet it would crisp up pretty good but I've never tried it in the microwave

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