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I'm writing a "thank you" card for after a job interview. It is for a retail job, and I only know the interviewer's first name. She is an assistant manager, not store manager so I don't have a way to look it up. Should I write, Dear Manager, Dear Hiring Manager, or Dear (first name). The last sounds too casual to me. I just have c/o (first name) on the address, though. Which is best? Or should I call and ask?
Call and ask.
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She was really casual through the interview and I get the impression that she might be a little perturbed or something if I used her last name. I doubt they get any thank you cards at all and I already feel uncomfortabe about being seen as overqualified for the job. It's only a side thing - 10-15 hours/week. I'm not used to applying for retail jobs though so not sure what goes.
If you exchanged and used first names throughout the interview, I think you'd be fine with a first name thank you note. Having done my time in retail I can say any thank you note at all will set you apart and be appreciated.
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I agree with CGNYC. And good luck to you, I hope you get good news!
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