House Sitting

Has anyone been a house sitter? I was thinking of looking into this for two reasons:

1. I need more money.
2. My lease is up in september only need a place for a few months until I leave for vet school.

I have found a few websites and they ask for money to post a profile and such. I would just like some input form anyone who has any experience. it would be greatly appreciated.
I haven't done it "professionally," but I house/pet-sat when a friend of the family was away for 2 weeks when I had just graduated college. I was living back home and it was a nice break from my parents. I think she gave me $100 and stocked the kitchen with food I liked. I think I'd feel weird in someone's house that I didn't know at all though.
Are you thinking of somewhere to stay for a few months?

Not sure where you are, but if you have any connections in the equine world, let people know you're looking to house sit. My Mom has a number of clients that winter in Florida and are always looking for people to house sit.

Maybe check Kijiji and the like?
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my sister did for almost 2 years for some professors at her university that she was really close to. she only had to pay for the utilities; they had an account for everything else. my sister also did the yard work.

they had 3 cats and my sister LOVES cats, so she was very happy to house and cat-sit. she was able to save up to get a really nice apartment when she moved out.

20+ years on and they are still very close friends of my sister.
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Thanks for the input. I have house sit for friends and family. I met someone recently who house sits around the world. he gave me some info but this was only one persons experience.

I dont need anything for months, but if i got a gig like that it would be awesome. I just thought maybe this could be a good backup plan if i cant find a better solution by september. Maybe I could find some house sitting jobs until i find a place.

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