Knitting frustration

I've been working on this really pretty blanket nothing fancy just pretty yarn (I don't have the attention span to do the patterns and stuff) anyway I've already ripped it out once because it fell off the needle and I could't get it back on well I just saw today that i fell off again. I'm going to cry my eyes out if I can't get it back on this time

I really feel for you! This has happened to me before too. On my latest sweater, my crystal palace needle disconnected from the cord, and I immediately dropped 40 stitches!

I finally learned how to get a project back on the needles. I highly highly recommend this book: Knitting tips and trade secrets. It has a drawing that shows you how you can slip the needle in a row below where the "raw" stitches are, and it is a lot easier to recover that way.

I still consider myself a bit of a beginner, but this book saved my life!
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Buy some of those stitch holder things that you attach to the end of the needles.
Thanks for the book suggestion I'll have to look for it. I can't even imagine knitting a sweater I'm sure mind would end up looking like well not a swearter

I was thinking I need to pick those stitch holder things the last time I was out shopping and did I do it of course not I was thinking about putting a rubber band on the end for now do you think that will work??

an eraser might work to hold the stitches on the needle....
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