Can you bite into ice cream?

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I can bite into ice cream, but that is not the proper way to eat it
I can't bite into an ice cream cone, but I can take little bites of an ice cream pop. I hate that hard chill feeling I get when I bite ice cream.
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I always wait until my ice cream gets a but melty before I eat it.
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I do that too.
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I can't do it with my front teeth. *cringe*

But if I bite with my side teeth or back teeth (pardon my technical language) then I can do it, only if I have to finish it in a hurry.
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Originally Posted by Yom
Me too. Ironically though, I have no problem biting and crunching on ice cubes.
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I was never able to eat cold things as a kid, but my teeth are getting better as an adult without using a sensitive toothpaste. I still am cautious, though. I can bite with my front teeth, but I suck on it for a second towards the front of my mouth before I swallow. I eat popcicles the same way. I'm very prone to "ice cream headaches." I can chew smaller pieces of ice with my back teeth without much difficulty, but I'm paranoid about chipping my teeth, so I don't.
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