Can you call a 9 year old a psychopath?

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A 9 year old can be a psychopath. I know a boy who is 16 now and had ODD. He is a nightmare and has been since he was 3 years old. When he was little he used to torture and kill the family animals, chickens, hamsters, cats. The parents had to stop training dogs for the disabled. I think it's just a matter of time before he ends up hurting someone!
I do believe that a 9 year old can be a psychopath. And I feel for any parent that has to deal with children like that, must be tough to recognize your child is manipulating you, and being cold and calculating like Michael was in that article.

(going to help his brother, then flashing the smile? It seems the kid is learning how to appear more normal, rather then actually changing his behavior)

My husband, after reading the article, commented that the kid is manipulating everyone - even with his tantrums, since he can switch them off at will, he's doing it willingly. A child that's throwing a tantrum due to emotional stress, will not be able to flick it off easier then a light switch.
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A nine year old can be a psychopath/sociopath, but I agree that it's too young to officially diagnose them. The article was really fascinating, I kept reading parts of it to my roommate.

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I'm sure there are more people walking around with homicidal feelings than I'd like to think about. Most killers I would think don't just snap one day or kill someone out of fight or flight. Not really a subject that interests me or something I want to think about. I was just wondering why this thread has so many posts is why I came in. Such disconcerting things.... If someone 9 years old or not went after one of my pets I wouldn't hesitate to go on the defense.

I'm sure there are child psychopaths. There were boys in my class that boasted about harming animals, and I to this day still think about why didn't I at the least say something? I'm pretty sure they didn't turn out to be murderers, but many murderers start out this way. I'm definitely not learned in this stuff, but I regard any killing for sport as mentally-disturbed behavior, including hunting.

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